‘Unexpected’ Tyra Boisseau Drops Pregnancy Bombshell On Fans

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Unexpected star Tyra Boisseau is dropping a bombshell pregnancy on all of her fans. They have seen her go through it with her baby daddy and on again off again boyfriend, Alex Wilson. He even fathered a child with someone else. Yet, she kept taking him back until it finally seemed like she wisened up and let him go. However, it looks like the tide has turned and she has something big to share with her fans. What exactly is going on? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Tyra Boisseau Drops Bombshell Pregnancy On Fans

Fans have been wondering where Tyra Boisseau has been lately. The young mother, who started on Unexpected in Season 3, was left off the returning cast list when it was announced in early March. This really should have been no surprise as her sister, Tiarra claimed that the family would not be returning. However, fans had no idea if this included Tyra and her daughter, as well. It did as only Jenna Ronan and Lilly Bennett were on the roster. Then, a Reddit thread was started as fans had not really seen Tyra do any TikTok lives and this was something that she loved to do.

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“I just saw a post that someone saw her and Alex at the store with their daughter and Tyra was looking very pregnant… they posted a picture of Alex pushing a cart, but no Tyra in the photo, so idk how true it is,” one person responded. Others said that she would pop up in the middle of the night, eating and chatting. Then, it was noted that her baby daddy, Alex was having another baby but they did not think it was with Tyra Boisseau so there was a lot of baby chatter. Even his second baby mama confirmed that he had impregnated someone else. Now, there’s a new announcement.


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Tyra Boisseau took to her Instagram to share that she is in fact expecting her second child. She posed on the ground in faded ripped denim jeans, opened at the waist. On top, she had a rolled-up white tank top, and her dark hair was straightened and parted. She laughed in one photo then cradled her belly in the next. The caption read: “mommy x2 💕.” No one could leave a reaction or say anything as she had her comments turned off.

This Is Unexpected

Clearly, this would have been the perfect storyline for the new season of Unexpected. By the look of it, Tyra Boisseau would have been in her early stages of pregnancy while they were filming. So, the TLC reality series definitely missed out. She is not the only pregnant cast member. Jenna Ronan revealed that she is pregnant, as well but, as aforementioned, she will return.

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[Jenna Ronan-Instagram]
Fans are sad that they won’t be seeing Tyra anymore and are probably very curious about how this all transpired as Alex looks to be the dad. Guess we may have to wait for her to open up on a future TikTok live for the full story and to learn if she and Alex have a future together. Congrats either way.

Are you shocked that Tyra Boisseau is pregnant by Alex again? More so, do you wish you could see her story play out on Season 6 of Unexpected? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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