‘Unexpected’ Tyra Boisseau Suffers Devastating Loss, Is She Ok?

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Unexpected alum Tyra Boisseau has just suffered a devastating loss. The most important question is if she and her family are okay. That is actually hard to gauge right now since the wound is so fresh. So, what exactly happened to the former TLC reality star and how is she picking up the pieces? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Tyra Boisseau Suffers Devastating Loss, Is She Ok?

Tyra Boisseau was a fan favorite during her three seasons on Unexpected. She welcomed her first daughter, Layla on the series along with her boyfriend, Alex Wilson. Then, the focus was shifted to her sister, Tiarra Boisseau, and their cousin, Taylor who both got pregnant for the second time together. Of course, Tyra had her own struggles as her baby daddy strayed and got another woman pregnant. She struggled to try to forgive him and move on. It seemed like she eventually did when Tyra ended up pregnant for the second time.

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Tyra Boisseau confirmed the speculations that she was expecting again in April. By then, she was 31 weeks along and having a baby boy. There were many questions as to who the father was and if it was actually Alex but Tyra and Tiarra dismissed it. Now, none of that matters as Tyra is facing something unimaginable. Tiarra took to her Instagram story to share the news that Tyra’s home caught fire and sadly, nothing was salvageable. Fortunately, Tyra and her daughter, Layla were not in the home when this happened. To add to the stress of losing her home, Tyra is now 36 weeks along with her baby boy.

Tyra Boisseau/Unexpected/Instagram
Tiarra shared photos of the damage along with a GoFundMe link to help out. The current goal is $7500 and they have reached almost 2K at the time of publishing. Tyra also took her to Instagram to share her account of what happened. “As many of you might have heard today while I was getting baby boy checked out an electrical fire started at my house. I can’t wrap my head around having no home to bring my baby to so close to my due date.”

Pray For Tyra

Tyra Boisseau acknowledged that she knows how tough times are right now. Therefore, if people cannot contribute, she is hopeful they will at least pray for her and her growing family. She is admittedly devastated and for good reason. The one person who has not been mentioned in all of this is Layla’s father, Alex Wilson. It seems that he is not a factor in any of this and all the family cares about is Tyra, Layla, and baby boy. Hopefully, they can get everything that they need ASAP and Tyra’s mind will be eased before she delivers. More so,  let it be a safe and healthy delivery, as well.

Are you shocked that this happened to Tyra Boisseau right before she is due to give birth? Let us know your thoughts and send well wishes to her and her little family.

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