‘Unexpected’ Was Tyra Boisseau Drinking While Pregnant?

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Was Unexpected alum Tyra Boisseau drinking during the early stages of her pregnancy? Fans believe that she may have been and it has raised some concerns. So, what has led them to believe that she was doing this, and do they have proof? Read on for more details.

Unexpected: Was Tyra Boisseau Drinking While Pregnant?

Tyra Boisseau has done some questionable things, especially when she is live on her social media. She has a naughty mouth and has no problem calling people out. More so, she rarely has a filter which may be why fans tune into her lives to see what she will do and hear what she has to say. However, the Unexpected alum recently shared that she is over 31 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. The father is yet to be named though it is presumed to be her cheating baby daddy, Alex Wilson.

Tyra Boisseau/Unexpected/Facebook
She does not seem to care what her fans think and her sister, Tiarra even chimed in. She let followers know that Tyra is an adult and she can essentially do whatever she wants. Now, fans have taken to Reddit to draw attention to something that they noticed about Tyra Boisseau early in her pregnancy. “I’ve seen live streams from 2-3 months ago of Tyra drinking does that mean she was drinking while pregnant I’m so confused. There on YouTube,” the OP started. That would be four or five months into her pregnancy if this proves to be true. Fellow Redditors claimed that maybe she did not know then.

Tyra Boisseau/Unexpected/YouTube
However, she was seen around a month or so ago in a store with Alex and was visibly pregnant. Yet, others said she knew at 5 weeks that she was pregnant so that dispels the myth that she did not know she was expecting when she drinking. One had this idea: “Probably a virgin drink or if a bottle, lips closed looking like she’s drinking. Or the old bartender trick, take sip, don’t swallow, pretend to drink from another bottle while spitting it into said bottle.”


One theory could be that Tyra Boisseau really did not want anyone to know just yet that she was expecting her second baby. Especially with all of the scrutiny around Alex for being unfaithful. He had gotten another woman pregnant while they were trying to figure things out. This played out on Unexpected Season 5. Therefore, she may have been drinking virgin cocktails or non-alcoholic beers to throw fans off. More so, she may have wanted to keep up the party vibe. Hopefully, she is taking care of herself and the baby.

Do you think Tyra Boisseau was being irresponsible this time around or just keeping up appearances? Let us know in the comments below.

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