‘Unexpected’ Does Tyra Boisseau Have A Job, Make Money?

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How does Unexpected alum Tyra Boisseau make money and support herself? Fans have been questioning this for some time now. There are some different ways but what exactly are they? Read on for more answers and details.

Unexpected Does Tyra Boisseau Have A Job, Make Money?

Tyra Boisseau was a featured cast member of TLC’s hit reality show, Unexpected from Season 3 through Season 5. Fans watched as she welcomed her first daughter, Layla into the world when she was just a teenager. They also followed her relationships with her sister, Tiarra, and cousin, Taylor who were also teen mothers. The excitement was that their daughters would be close in age and end up being as close as they were. Unfortunately, when Tyra went off to college, she and her boyfriend, Alex Wilson struggled. By their last season, he had gotten someone else pregnant.

Tyra Boisseau/Unexpected/YouTube
It seemed like she was done with him for good but a few months back, the two were seen out together. A fan noticed that Tyra Boisseau appeared pregnant. Finally, she shared that she was expecting her second baby though she has left fans in the dark about the baby daddy. Since she is not returning to Unexpected for Season 6, fans are wondering how she makes money. A Reddit thread was started to go over this. The OP asked: “Sorry if this has been discussed or asked but does Tyra have a job. She is on tik tok live it seems like all day everyday does she have a non social media job? No hate just curious.”

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One replied: “She sits on Tiktok collecting gifts. I find that whole thing so odd. Why is it set up to send financial gifts?” Another asked: “Did she end up finishing college?” Apparently, she has one more semester left. Yet, a Redditor did point out that employers can look at someone’s social media. Therefore, Tyra should be mindful of what she says and she does not have a filter in any capacity.

Cashing In

Tyra Boisseau is actually quite the smart cookie. She does spend a lot of time on social media and she recently was explaining that she needed funding for a car. A lot of her money went to school, which is a great investment. However, she does make money from subscriptions that she offers to her followers. Additionally, she hosts special nights, sometimes with her sister, Tiarra. Plus, Tyra has links to her mobile payment apps in her LinkTree so fans can feel free to send her funds if they so desire. She may no longer be on Unexpected but she has left such a big impression that people are willing to spend money on exclusive content and gifts.

Are you surprised by how Tyra Boisseau makes money? Do you think this is a good avenue for her so she can be with her kids? Let us know in the comments below.

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