‘Unexpected’ Alum Tiarra Boisseau Defends Sister’s Pregnancy

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Unexpected alum, Tiarra Boisseau is defending her sister, Tyra’s second pregnancy. The official pregnancy announcement was made yesterday. However, it did not come without a certain number of questions and criticisms. Of course, being a good sister, Tiarra is standing up for Tyra and her little one. What does she have to say? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Alum Tiarra Boisseau Defends Sister’s Pregnancy

Tiarra Boisseau started out on Season 3 of Unexpected with her sister, Tyra, and their cousin Taylor. At the time, it was Tyra who was expecting her first baby. Both Tiarra and Taylor were already first-time teen mothers but that was okay with them as they had grown up super close in age. Therefore, they had hoped the same would happen with their girls. By Season 5, Taylor and Tiarra were pregnant again while Tyra was dealing with a rough relationship with her baby daddy, Alex Wilson. It seemed that he had not only been unfaithful but also got another woman pregnant. There was a lot to unpack in this situation.

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As fans were awaiting news on Season 6, Tiarra Boisseau revealed that she and her family would not be returning to the show. It was still unclear if Tyra was included in this. Then, fans started to question where Tyra was as she is always really active on TikTok. Additionally, some people claimed that they had seen her and Alex at the store and she was pregnant. Yet, it was also alleged that he had gotten another person pregnant so there was a lot of confusion.

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After Tyra’s pregnancy announcement, with her comments turned off, fans were confused. They also questioned who the father was and why she would go back to Alex. Therefore, Tiarra took matters into her own hands. According to @tlc.unexpectedteaa, this is what she had to say: “y’all are so double sided lol. for one why does it matter who the baby’s dad is. why does it matter if she ‘s having her second kid. she’s 22 years old she can have as many kids as she wants.”

It Didn’t Stop

Tiarra Boisseau also added that those shaming Tyra are the same ones congratulating someone who has three babies from two different fathers. More so, Tiarra wants to keep up positive momentum for her sister. She already feels bad that Tyra was robbed of getting to announce this pregnancy herself. She also went on to note that she is over the bullying and feels that they are too old to have to deal with that or even be a part of behavior like that.

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Finally, Tiarra wanted to make it clear that she nor Tyra make any money from TLC. Therefore, she does not understand why they are still a part of these Unexpected groups. She seems to forget that she did profit from the show for some time. In fact, on April 26th, the girls hosted a virtual event. Yet, would anyone know who they were if it had not been for the show? It is great that Tiarra is defending her sister but they do have to remember where they came from.

Do you think that fans have the right to question Tyra politely or should they just leave her alone? Lastly, do you think that Tiarra could have used a better approach to defend her sister? Let us know in the comments.

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