‘Unexpected’ Tyra Boisseau Confirms Alex Wilson Back In Her Bed


Unexpected star Tyra Boisseau has been hesitant to take back her ex, Alex Wilson. Now it seems she is making some sort of attempt. So, where does the couple currently stand?

Meeting Tyra And Alex On Unexpected

Tyra and her boyfriend Alex joined the hit TLC reality series in Season 3. At the age of eighteen, she had an interesting dynamic. Her younger sister, Tiarra became a mother a short time prior at the age of sixteen. Additionally, their cousin Taylor also had just become a teen mother. They liked the idea of having kids so close together because they remembered growing up as best friends. The girls are hoping for the same lifestyle for their little ones. She ended up having a baby girl named Layla but all was not great in paradise. Alex ended up cheating on Tyra after the couple bought a home together.


The worst part about him being unfaithful is he got another girl pregnant. He claims he thought he wanted her at the moment but then he realized that was untrue. The girl he cheated on her with, Melissa, actually called Tyra and confronted her. Previously, Alex had been seeing someone else. Tyra had told her fanbase not to even bother Alex and his new boo as it was not worth it. She claimed she was happy with her life and attempting to move on. In the most recent episode of the series, Tyra explained just exactly where she and her baby daddy stood.

Together Again?

While her sister Tiarra has just given birth, Tyra was away attempting to make life easier for her. It had been rough due to the C-section she had. There was also a lot of tension in the family between Taylor, Tyra, and Tiarra so there are fences to mend. However, Tiarra currently did not have the energy to deal with any of it. The responsibility fell on Tyra but first, she shared where she and Alex stood. She admitted it took a lot to let him back into his own house after he cheated. It was especially hard after he got another girl pregnant. To that, Alex looked at her and asked how far along the girl was. This is something he as the dad should probably know.


Then, Tyra admitted he is back in their bed though what they are doing together is unknown. If they are actually back together yet, that is unwritten. For now, it seems they are taking baby steps towards reconciliation. She admitted she would marry Alex if she knew she could trust him and he would be faithful. Only time will tell if a leopard can change its spots.

Do you think Alex and Tyra can truly reconcile? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC. 



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