‘Unexpected’: Tiarra Boisseau OUT For Season 6?


Season 6 of Unexpected has yet to be confirmed. However, fans are eager to know who will be returning if the show does come back. Right now, there are a few cast members who have opened up as to where they stand. In an Instagram chat, Tiarra Boisseau opened up about her future in the series. Will she be back? What about her sister and her cousin? Read on for the answer.

Where Unexpected Left Off

Tiarra has been on since Season 3. She joined because of her sister Tyra who was expecting a baby girl with her boyfriend, Alex. At the time, it was super exciting because Tiarra and their cousin, Taylor just had babies of their own. They were teenagers, as well and they wanted their daughters to grow up together. For them, this was the norm as the three of them had grown up extremely close so it was all coming together perfectly. Then, Tyra went off to college after having her baby leaving Alex to watch their daughter. Sadly, their connection was getting lost and he ended up cheating.

Tiarra, Tyra, Taylor

By Season 5, Alex had gotten another girl pregnant but that was not the only pregnancy. Both Tiarra and Taylor were pregnant for the second time. Unfortunately, the cousins went on to butt heads over nurseries as Taylor accused Tiarra of stealing her nursery idea and that lasted the whole season. Tiarra had a C-section while Taylor was forced to deliver with Covid. By the tell-all, they had mended fences and hated that they wasted time arguing. So, will they continue to share their journey further?

Season 6 Casting?

So far, Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith have alleged that they quit Unexpected. That is debatable while Emersyn Potter is awaiting a casting decision. Tiarra took to her Instagram to share where she stands. Someone said they wanted them to come back. She said: “as of right now we aren’t.” Another person was confused and again asked if they were coming back. When it comes to “they,” it is believed to be Tiarra, Tyra, and Taylor as they seemingly come as a package.


Tiarra cleared it up by explaining that the cast does not get to decide if they come back. Rather, the producers ask them if they want to sign a new contract. Yet, if there is no contract, it’s a non-discussion. As of now, Tiarra is unaware if the casting process has occurred but, at this point, she does not believe they will be back. Furthermore, she could not even confirm Season 6. Again, she did not share if this just applies to her or Tyra and Taylor, as well.

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