‘Unexpected’: Taylor Clears The Air On Noah’s Alleged ‘Extra’ Kids

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Season 5 of Unexpected is now over but there is still tea to spill. This time it has to do with Taylor Williams and her boyfriend, Noah. Somehow, a rumor was started that he had fathered a baby while she was pregnant the first time. It got all twisted up in the Tyra/Alex mess and fans got both frustrated and confused. So, how many children does Noah actually have? Taylor answered this with an actual explanation.

Cousins Join Unexpected As A Family ‘Affair’

Taylor joined the series in Season 3 since her cousin Tyra Boisseau was pregnant with her first child. It was an interesting dynamic since Taylor, Tyra, and Tyra’s sister Tiarra were all going to be teen mothers. Tiarra and Taylor had just given birth to their first babies and now Tyra was joining them. They were actually excited as they had grown up super close and wanted the same thing for their little girls. By Season 5, Taylor was in the limelight as she and her baby daddy, Noah were expecting their second baby. Tiarra was also pregnant again so they had something in common. However, it was not all rainbows and butterflies as the cousins were about to have a falling out.


Taylor accused Tiarra of stealing her nursery theme then blasted her on social media then her mom got involved. The anger exploded and soon, babies were coming. When Taylor was induced, she also found out she had Covid so that made it even more stressful. Since she and Noah had broken up when she was in labor the first time, he had never seen her give birth. Everything went amazing and by the time the tell-all was filmed, the family was back on track. Yet one issue came up that baffled viewers.

More Babies?

Tyra’s baby daddy, Alex Wilson had cheated and gotten another girl pregnant. She gave birth but there were questions about paternity. Somehow, Noah was lumped into this as if he had gotten someone else pregnant when he and Taylor were broken up and she was in labor. Unexpected fans did not understand this because it was never something anyone talked about. Now, Taylor is speaking up and wants the truth to be known. The Instagram page @EverythingTLCUnexpected shared this:

“yes it’s just the twins and he had them before i even got pregnant with adelyn. idk why tlc did that stupid sh** lol. Me and Noah are still together and he has never cheated on me and has no other kids on the way!”


She also shared photos of Adelyn with the twins and they seem very happy. So, yes, Noah did have more kids but it all happened before he was with Taylor. Hopefully, this puts all of the rumors to rest. As to whether the couple will be asked back for another season after this call-out, time will tell.

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