‘Unexpected’: Emersyn Potter Gives Season 6 Update, Returning?


Season 5 of Unexpected introduced Emersyn Potter and her boyfriend, Mason Ramirez. However, much of the cast got overshadowed due to the explosive behavior of fellow newcomers Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith. Yet, viewers still had a soft spot for Emersyn after watching some of the off behaviors of her mother, Erica. So, where does the teen mom stand with Erica, and will she be back for Season 6? Read on for all of the details she spilled so far.

An Unexpected Ending For Emersyn And Her Family

When Emersyn got pregnant, her family was not happy. Interestingly enough, her mama Erica was expecting, as well. They were due to give birth within months of one another. Erica was big on abstinence but she often dropped her daughter off at her boyfriend, Mason’s home. She hoped Emersyn would be watched over but she also had issues with the way the home was run. Mason’s mother, Shannon had been in jail so she deemed it an unsafe place. Still, Emersyn visited Mason there and baby Mateo was conceived.

Mason and Emersyn

Mason was allowed to stay with Emersyn but he could not stay in her room. That was the one rule and, after Mateo was born, they broke it. Erica decided that Mason was no longer allowed over so Emersyn and the baby moved out. They went to stay at Mason’s where they felt more welcomed and less judged. Yes, they broke Erica’s rule but she had a lot of judgment about Mason’s family and was almost over-lecturing her daughter.


By the time the tell-all came on, Emersyn was still at Mason’s home but Erica felt it was dangerous and unsafe. She couldn’t help but judge Mason’s parents, unfairly. After the tell-all, Emersyn shared that she and her mother were not speaking but this was a common occurrence for them. Furthermore, she noted she probably would never live there again. So, where does she stand with her mama, Mason, and the future of Unexpected? She revealed all of this during a live video and the answers were quite interesting.

Season 6 Status Update

Yesterday, Emersyn took to Instagram to do a live video. There, she answered Unexpected fans’ questions about pretty much everything. Is she speaking with her mother? No, they are not in contact at the moment. She does not think that, even if there was no show, that it would have changed their outcome. This is just how their relationship is. As for Season 6, will Emersyn be returning? As of now, she is uncertain as to where she stands.


No casting news has come out just yet but it seemed she would be open to another season. She did admit that she believes they are still casting for the upcoming year. So, when can fans expect Season 6? Emersyn said that, at this rate, it probably won’t air until some point next year. As a stay-at-home mother, it might be nice to see how she is handling it.

Would you like to see Emersyn back for another season of Unexpected? Let us know in the comments.

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