‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Spoiler: Hunter Grayson’s Pick Revealed?

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Farmer Wants A Wife star Hunter Grayson may have just shared a huge spoiler on who he picks in the end. Fans have noticed something in a recent TikTok that has them thinking they figured out who he picks. So is Sydney or Meghan the one who wins his heart?

Hunter Grayson’s Final Two

Hunter Grayson is down to two girls on Farmer Wants A Wife. He has Sydney Groom and Meghan Baker left. Meghan actually left the show due to her grandfather passing away, but then she returned. Fans are sure that he would pick her in the end due to their chemistry, but that may not be the case. The finale airs this week on Fox and viewers will see for sure if Hunter picks Meghan or Sydney.


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Spoiler On TikTok

Hunter Grayson is a singer as well as a reality tv star. He recently posted a TikTok showing him singing the song “Drift Away.” In this clip, you can see the background and there are butterflies on the wall. Sydney Groom’s house has butterflies on the wall because she has posted TikToks that also shows this.  Check out his video below.


Drift Away has always been on of my favorite songs, so why not. #farmerwantsawife #music #country #soul #mowtown #tunes #guitar #acoustic #coversong

♬ original sound – Hunter Grayson

In the comments, fans are going crazy that they are sure he picked Sydney and a lot of them are shocked. It really did seem like Meghan would be the winner. Sydney actually has made it clear that she might not be okay with living on the farm forever. The whole point of this show is to find someone who wants to be a farmer’s wife and live on the farm with them. It really surprises fans that it looks like Hunter picks Sydney over Meghan. Her are what some of the fans had to say.

  • That’s totally Sydney’s house
  • Hmmm! Those butterflies look just like the ones Sydney Groom had in a video a while back
  • Team Meghan
  • Looks like Sydney’s house

In the TikTok below, you can see that the backgrounds are exactly the same in both of their videos. So does this confirm that Hunter Grayson picks Sydney Groom? It doesn’t for sure, but it does look like it’s very possible. Viewers will have to wait and see how it goes down this week on the finale.


I wish I would have not noticed the background like multiple people commented while on his live. @Sydney Groom

♬ Dance Monkey – Jail maiden

Do you think that Hunter Grayson picks Sydney Groom in the end? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss the finale of Farmer Wants A Wife on Wednesday night on Fox.

Update: Is the show coming back for Season 2?

Update: In the end, he picked Meghan and this spoiler turned out to be wrong. Now explain why he was filming at Sydney’s house? Who knows! Want to know how Hunter and Meghan are doing today? Click here!

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