Cassidy Jo, Former Beauty Queen, Seeks Farmer’s Love

Cassidy Jo Jacks- Fox

Cassidy Jo Jacks is no stranger to being in the spotlight. This former pageant queen is doing everything she can to win over Allen Foster. The two of them can be seen on Fox’s newest reality dating show, Farmer Wants a Wife. The show is all about four farmers who have been unlucky in love. They are ready to meet the woman of their dreams and settle down. Not all of these women have what it takes to be a farmer’s wife though. Does Cassidy Jo? Let’s find out.

Allen And Cassidy’s Meeting

This past week on Distractify, they shared a lot of new information about Cassidy Jo. She was introduced to Allen in a very small town in Tennessee. There are three other women trying to win his heart though. She was the first one of the ladies to meet him and it didn’t go very well. Cassidy was dressed in heels the first time she set foot on the farm and of course, she was very out of place there. Although Allen is very quiet and reserved, she is very perky and full of life. This doesn’t seem as if it will be a good fit, according to viewers.

Cassidy Jo Jacks- Fox
Cassidy Jo Jacks- Fox

When Allen met Cassidy Jo, he revealed that he is “not really good at being super sweet.” He did tell the cameras that he felt like he was “screwing up.” After dating and trying to get to know each other, she asked him for a kiss, but he denied her. She was very shocked by this, but she told the cameras that she didn’t regret asking him. Will this be the last chance for her to get Allen to fall for her? Will she try again to get a kiss?

Let’s Get To Know Cassidy Jo Jacks

Farmer Wants a Wife may be something new for Cassidy Jo, but she used to be in the spotlight quite a bit. It turns out that she is 28 years old and lives in Phoenix, Arizona currently. She is the former Miss Arizona USA and has competed in pageants for years. She made enough money from pageants to put herself through school at the University of Alabama.

Farmer Wants a Wife- Fox
Farmer Wants a Wife- Fox

Interestingly enough, Fox contacted her through social media about being on the show. She told Distractify, “The casting company had sent me a message on Instagram. And it asked if I was single and interested in a dating show that would basically be about cowboy farmers. I’m from the south originally. So I’m like, ‘Oh, heck, yeah. I love me a guy in some jeans.'”

Of course, viewers will have to keep an eye on Cassidy Jo Jacks on Farmer Wants a Wife. Do you think that she and Allen will find love? We would love to hear your comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Farmer Wants a Wife. 


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