‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Update: Are Hunter And Meghan Still Together?

Hunter Grayson Meghan Farmer Wants A Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife aired the big finale tonight. Fans were surprised to see Hunter Grayson pick Meghan Baker after spoilers made it look like he might pick Sydney Groom. The couple is now giving updates on how they are doing today.

Hunter Picks His Girl

Hunter had to choose between Meghan and Sydney. These girls had become great friends while on the show. Spoilers had shown a TikTok that Hunter posted that it was obvious he was at Sydney’s house. In the end, he picked Meghan so fans wonder why he was at Sydney’s house. It is very possible that he filmed this TikTok on his hometown date with her, but then waited to post it.


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Update From Meghan And Hunter

Hunter Grayson and Meghan Baker spoke to Distractify and Hollywood Life both giving them updates on how they are now. This couple is still going strong, which is great news. They have had to hide for the past six months so Meghan shared she is excited to have a normal relationship. She said, “I’m glad it’s over. Because it’s been six months since we left the farm that [we haven’t] been able to go out in public. We haven’t been able to go and have a nice dinner together. So now that it’s over, I hope he has a nice date night planned.”

Now Meghan is living in Tennessee instead of Texas. This means she is a five-hour drive from Hunter instead of across the country. She hasn’t moved to the farm just yet. Things are going at their own pace. Meghan did go and spend Thanksgiving with him. Then they spent some time together around Christmas. Hunter shared that they went from almost living together for two months to having to see each other only now and then so that was hard.

Hunter shared saying, “We’re just kind of taking it day by day and seeing where this roller coaster of an adventure leads us. We’ve had a good time not putting too much pressure on where we may go or where we are and just doing the journey as it is, and I don’t see any reason to rock that boat right now. I’ve said it from day one. We can paint ourselves into all the boxes that we check off, but if we go into it with heart and an open mind, the ride’s just that much more enjoyable and more true.”


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Is Marriage Coming?

So far, this couple isn’t engaged. Hunter even teased that he is waiting on Meghan to propose to him. This couple from Farmer Wants A Wife doesn’t sound like they will be getting married just yet. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if marriage ended up happening for them, but just not yet.

Are you happy to hear that Hunter Grayson and Meghan Baker are still together after Farmer Wants A Wife? Don’t miss this show when it returns for Season 2 on Fox.

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  1. I haven’t been watching many television shows on the local channels this year, but I watched the whole series of Farmer Wants a Wife & enjoyed it thoroughly. Hunter & Meghan seemed to have an instant connection. I’m so glad they ended up together. It was refreshing to have a show I really looked forward to watching.

  2. I loved the show because it is not sleazy like the bachelor. I was rooting for this couple. I hope they get married eventually.

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