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Where Is Fox’s Dating Reality Show ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Filmed?

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Fox’s Farmer Wants A Wife will soon premiere and fans wonder where it is filmed. The dating reality show features four real farmers who are ready to find their respective wives from a pool of contestants that hail from big cities. The show will welcome 32 women from different cities around the United States. They are tired of their city lives and looking for a shot at love in the countryside. So, where is this new reality show on Fox filmed? Keep reading to find out the details!

Each Farmer Will Have Eight Ladies Competing For Their Love

Given that the show features four real farmers, producers took the ladies to each of the locations these farmers hail from. This will give them a chance to see what life would be like with these men as their husbands. However, it seems like some of these big-city women might not have what it takes to adapt to farm life.

Farmer Wants A Wife Fox YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The four farmers, Allen Foster, Landon Heaton, Ryan Black, and Hunter Grayson, each bring eight women to their respective farms. The women will have to participate in tasks to allow the farmers to see who is perfectly suited for them.

Farmer Wants A Wife Is Filmed In At Various Locations

The farmers are from Tennessee, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Georgia. So, a big chunk of the first season is filmed in these locations, as reported by Meaww.

Farmer Wants A Wife Fox YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Ryan owns a 44-acre ranch in North Carolina where he breeds and trains horses. On the other hand, Allen is a cattle rancher on a Tennessee-based 200-acre farm. Landon too is a cattle rancher who owns a 300-acre farm and 40-acre farmhouse properties in Oklahoma. Finally, Hunter’s cattle and horse ranch is located in Georgia. The women will spend six weeks on these ranches in their journey to find love.

Jennifer Nettles Found The Show’s Premise Genuine

The show will be hosted by singer Jennifer Nettles who immediately said no when she was presented with the opportunity. She revealed that she assumed a bunch of aspiring influencers would attempt to create a scandalous moment to extend their 15 minutes of fame. However, the 48-year-old then watched the Australian version of the reality show that has aired in 30+ countries. She found that the premise was more genuine than expected after which she agreed to host the show.

Farmer Wants A Wife Fox YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Talking about her time on the show, she said, “We did a rodeo, we did a demolition derby, we did a barn dance. To get to be a part of a story happening in real-time, in someone else’s story, I think that that’s what we’re all looking for when we watch these shows. We’re really all looking to feel seen and to see some of ourselves in other people. I think it’s very rewarding to get to be a part of a different kind of storytelling.”

Farmer Wants A Wife premieres today (March 8, 2023) at 9 pm ET on Fox. Fans can also stream the show on Hulu.

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