‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Season 3 Premiere Recap- June 19


I Love A Mama’s Boy is back for Season 3. With it comes Kelly and Matt. Gone is his fiancee Kimberly who declined to return to the series but he does have a new love. Her name is Brittany but, as always, mama comes first. Shekeb and his mother Laila are returning along with his ex, Emily. It appears that Laila and Emily still cannot get along and they do not even appear to want to try. Three new mother/son duos have joined the cast and the mamas are truly next level. It is time for the new season to begin.

Roberto And Kristy Are Introduced On I Love A Mama’s Boy

They are from California and it is clear they are very serious about health, wellness, and physical activity. Roberto and Kristy met at the gym and he immediately fell for her. She claims that he was nervous at the beginning which she thought was super sweet. Kristy is a stay-at-home mother while Robert is a farmer by day and MMA fighter by night. If he makes it, he can fight UFC the following year so right now, his wife is his nutritionist. They have two daughters, each having their own mini-me. She admits that his mom, Nancy never cared for her. When they got married, Kristy was very early in her pregnancy so they eloped. She has never been happy since that.


Nancy has always been the crazy mother and she says Kristy has never been approved by her. People have told Nancy to cut the umbilical cord but she does not know what that means. His mom stops by the gym and brings him food but Kristy is frustrated because it is not part of his meal plan. He says that it is just food but Kristy has been making all of his meals so he can meet his weight goal and he is just throwing it away. Now he is mad but Nancy blames Kristy because she will never do anything wrong.

Kelly And Matt, They’re Back

Matt explains that it has been some time since he and Kimberly have broken up. They were building a home on the property for their future and children. In the end, they were not a match and he can see that but it has brought him and his mom closer than ever. Kelly pops by when he is fresh out of the shower with comfort food. She says they are mending together and he shares that he is sleeping together. He has started to see someone named Brittany but Kelly does not know. Matt is ready for them to meet because that is the only way to move up to girlfriend status. He also knows she will be really hard on the next one after what happened.


Matt is going out with Brittany who is a dental assistant. They met while getting coffee but she admits he has hesitations because she is the first girl he has been with in a while. Though his mom is rough, he is now ready to have Brittany meet Kelly though she does not know about his lady at all. She will do what needs to be done in order to make this relationship happen, no matter what it takes.

Emily And Shekeb Are Back Together On I Love A Mama’s Boy

The couple gathers together on a couch to share how they got back together. He accepts some of the responsibility for what happened and for not giving her the extravagant ring that she wanted. Shekeb knew that she wanted an engagement ring, not a promise ring so that was rough. Emily says she knew he would come back as no one would put up with him or his mother. Furthermore, he and Emily moved in together which is hard for Laila as she thinks Emily is a bad girl. Shekeb has left so much of his stuff behind at his mother’s home as a reason to stop by the house. He has asked his mom to come by and bless their apartment but she has asked him to come to meet another girl.


Shekeb thinks this is a bad idea and wrong with Laila saying not to listen to Emily. He agrees that it is not a date but, in return, she has to come by the apartment. At the apartment, Emily is talking to the camera about how she loves Shekeb and he is her best friend. She knew that she couldn’t lose him so she applied for the apartment and put both of their names on it. They are happy together but Emily feels like she is his mother. He goes on to tell her how mad his mom is that he moved out and though Emily wants to apologize, it has been rough. Laila will come to visit as long as Emily is not around but he promises Emily whatever she wants. That is a wedding.

Tre And Lorenda Are Full Of Smiles

He is fully the apple of her eye and they make videos together for fun. Tre can teach her a dance in an hour and she just lets loose which he values. Abbey is Tre’s girlfriend but Lorenda is still very possessive of her son despite the couple dating since high school. They have a seven-year-old son who keeps asking when they will get married. Abbey feels Tre has a lot to work on before that can happen. As for Lorenda, she literally lives down the hill from the couple. She was a single mother, worked really hard, and Tre ended up buying his childhood home. Now, they are super close and there are no boundaries between the mother and son. She comes by every morning to make breakfast for Tre since he has to be up super early to be at a warehouse.


Lorenda does not think Abbey is good enough for Tre. Currently, she pays his bills and mows the lawn, it’s like she does not give Abbey a chance to succeed. Abbey feels this is toxic and if he cannot give her the attention she needs, this will never work.

Almost Fighting Time On I Love A Mama’s Boy

It’s almost time for Robert’s fight and he still needs to drop ten pounds. Nancy is coming by to teach Kristy how to cook despite Kristy’s reluctance. She tells Kristy that she would be lucky if she could cook like her. Nancy goes on to share how when she first saw Kristy, she did not like her. That is why Kristy got pregnant and married Robert, in her mind, trapped her son. Kristy thinks that Nancy likes to control people and she could not control Kristy. That was where the problems began. Nancy says Kristy does not know how to cook and questions her. Kristy asks if Robert knows how to cook but Nancy says he never has to because she is never leaving.


Nancy literally harasses Kristy to a breaking point but somehow, she stays cool and calm under pressure. On the weekends, Nancy cooks for her kids as she has seven of them. Robert sneaks off a few times a week to his mom’s home because the food is just too good. He is talking about how is stays motivated and that is through his daughters. Now Nancy is questioning the paternity of one of his children and wants to do a DNA test. His brother even agrees with their mother so Robert walks out.

How will the rest of the season play out? Let us know in the comments below and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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  1. After seeing the first episode and previews, I vote Kelly as still the most despicable and detrimental mother. Matt couldn’t have found a better future wife than Kim and Kelly drove her away intentionally. That proved to me that Kelly doesn’t want him to find someone and I can’t imagine how she would be with grandchildren. Unless Matt moves far away, he’ll never find someone for a long term relationship.

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