‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Emily Disrespects Shekeb & The Promise Ring

I Love A Mama's Boy Credit: TLC

Emily’s relationship with Shekeb has been tumultuous since Season 1 of I Love A Mama’s Boy. It does not help that his mother Laila does not get along with Emily at all. She often calls the shots in their relationship. Fans and viewers have often villainized Laila. Now they are starting to wonder if Emily and Laila might be on an even playing field.

Emily and Shekeb’s I Love A Mama’s Boy Relationship

The couple was seemingly happy together all throughout Season 1. Their biggest issue was Laila and how Shekeb always acquiesced to her. Despite how poorly she treated Emily, they still planned on taking the next step and moving in together. However, the last straw was when Laila called Emily a pig. The verbal abuse led Emily to call it quits with Shekeb.

I Love A Mamas Boy Laila
I Love A Mamas Boy | TLC

Yet, the couple loved each other too much to truly end it so they started to quietly see each other again. Laila got suspicious and mad when she realized what was going on. Shekeb suggested Emily bring a gift for Laila and her bird to make things right. Still, Emily left in a huff after seeing his mama again because she was cold as ice.

The couple have tried to work it out despite Laila and her lurking presence. Ultimately, Shekeb told his mom he wanted to propose to Emily, something she was not happy with. So, she gave him another option- he should give Emily a promise ring. This was something they both could live with for the time being. It was not what Emily wanted and she threw away the ring. Now, she is back and she is mad. Does she have a right to be?

The Promise Ring Debacle

Laila believed that if Emily did not like the ring, the relationship was over. Shekeb gave him mom the ring when Emily did not want it but Emily came back for it in the end. She was taken aback to see Laila wearing it around her neck. Now, fans are lashing out at Emily’s behavior, the same way they reacted to Laila in the beginning. According to Meaww, one tweeted this: “I know Emily not screaming over the ring that she threw. Sis been hiding her true crazy for a season and a half #ILoveAMamasBoy.”

I Love A Mama's Boy
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Another viewer had this to say: “What Shekeb doesn’t realize is that Emily and Laila are exactly the same.” Another noted that love is not measured by how expensive the ring is. On TLC’s Instagram, viewers chimed in by saying: “I understand her not wanting a promise ring but the way Emily acted was unacceptable.”

Do you think they can come back together or is it over for good for Shekeb and Emily. Find out when new episodes of I Love A Mama’s Boy air Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Lauren


  1. This show is ridiculous and a big joke No real man will allow or want his mother to intrude in his personal life the way these mothers do. Where are the fathers that are alive? What happened with Mike’s mother marriages? There are fathers shown but none have anything to say. The appear to be afraid of their wives. These women deserve more than theses mama boys. These boys need to grow up and these moms need to mind there own lives.

    1. Seriously, these woman are all putting up with INTERFERING mothers.
      These men need to quit coddling their mothers and put their woman first! They are not listening to their girlfriends’ needs.
      I feel sorry for each of these woman. Emily has endured a lot of stress due to her bfs mother and I think she was pushed over the edge. If these men want to side with their mothers I say Walk Away ladies…get a man whose world revolves around you, Not their mother.

  2. EMILY has put up with so much from Laila
    who even called Emily, whom I think is such a good girl, a pig and Emily continued her love for this immature Shekeb.
    Emily you can do better.

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