‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Robert’s Mama Questions Paternity Of Grandchild?


I Love A Mama’s Boy returns tomorrow night. With that comes a new cast of characters. One new mama is Nancy and her son Roberto. She clearly has a strong disdain for her son’s wife, Kristy. Yet how far is she willing to go to interfere in this relationship?

I Love A Mama’s Boy Brings The Cringe Factor

The one thing about this show is that it does not lack in the cringe arena. Matt and Kelly are back once again and they have a new victim. He has a new girlfriend, Brittany who needs to adjust to the super close relationship. Apparently, the breakup with Kimberly made the two even tighter than they were before. Yes, that is possible. Shekeb and Laila have come back to the series but Laila is not happy that Emily is still in the picture. She thinks that she is possessed and is willing to go to great lengths to get rid of her. Can Emily finally get Shekeb away from his overbearing and controlling mama?


Ethan finds his mother so sexy that he claims she will walk him down the aisle naked. She almost finds this to be a tad too much but there has to be some story behind that. Tre and Lorenda are beyond close and it is actually impeding on his relationship. How can anyone have a functioning situation with the prying eyes of mom always on them? This finally leads to Nancy and Roberto. She loves her son so much that she actually ties his shoes for him. However, there is one hot topic that she cannot stop questioning and it is becoming really stressful for her son. Yet she seemingly does not care.

Is The Baby Really Yours?

In a clip for the season premiere, Roberto is eating with his mother and his brother. He is talking about his two kids, clearly very proud of them, saying they are his motivation. That is when Nancy makes a face and notes that one looks just like him but the other is questionable. He is visibly taken aback by this comment. Roberto says both of his kids look exactly like him but Nancy just never cared for Kristy. That is when the subject of a DNA test comes up and it blows him away. He never imagined that his mother would sink so low even with her hatred for his wife.


What’s even worse is he is a fighter and she is pulling this right before a big match. It is hard to tell where his brother stands as he seems to want to appease their mother. This is some next-level craziness. What do you think of Nancy’s request? Let us know and watch the Season 3 premiere of I Love A Mama’s Boy Sunday on TLC.

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  1. When the test comes back I would tell him we move out of the city away from his family. It is disrespectful.

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