‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Season 3: Who’s Returning, Meet The Newbies


I Love A Mama’s Boy returns in a week and so much is up in the air. So, who is returning and who will be joining the madness for their first go-round? Here is the full cast list for Season 3.

Taking On I Love A Mama’s Boy Once Again

At the end of last season, Matt and Kimberly ended things when she moved away for a job. He refused to go because he did not want to leave his mother, Kelly. Essentially, she was the wedge in the whole relationship but he could not break free. When he tried to see if they could make it work, Matt brought Kelly with him to see Kimberly. That was when she officially realized she was so much better off with him, without them. Kelly claimed she felt betrayed and hurt by the breakup but she still had Matt. Now they are back once again, this time without Kimberly but according to E! News, he has a new girlfriend. Brittany is attempting to handle both of them as a team but can she do it?


Shekeb and Laila are back again after he struggled with his girlfriend Emily. Admittedly, Laila was quite harsh on Emily but Emily did not handle getting a ring all that well at the end of the season. She walked out on Shekeb and then found his mother wearing the ring so it was anyone’s guess if they could work it out. Apparently, things are just as bad when Laila refers to Emily as “possessed” after she climbs over a banister to get away from her. One big happy family, yes?

The New Kids

Ethan has a weird relationship with his mama, Esther and that is saying a lot after seeing Matt and Kelly doing smoothies and facials. He thinks she is “sexy” and claims that, on his wedding day, his mother will walk him down the aisle naked. She actually disputes this and rolls her eyes at his antics. They sound…fun. It should be interesting to learn more about their background to further understand the why behind this. Roberto is married to Christie. They have a family but his mother Nancy cannot stop interfering with his life. It gets so bad that she does bunny ears to tie his shoes. She has been told to cut the cord but she does not even understand what that means. Therefore, this could be a hot mess.


Finally, Tre is his mama’s baby, she feeds him and basically lives in the backyard. Lorenda is getting in the way of his relationship and it might spell the end of it all. There is a lot of conflict and oddities in all of these situations which is probably why it is back for round three. Are you looking forward to the new season? Let us know and do not miss the Season 3 premiere of I Love A Mama’s Boy on June 19th on TLC.


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