‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Kimberly Brought Matt & Kelly Even Closer?


I Love A Mama’s Boy returns this weekend and with that comes some familiar faces. Matt McAdams is back with his mother Kelly but the dynamic duo has a new girlfriend. Yes, Matt is introducing Brittany, his new lady friend who clearly has to understand that these two are a packaged deal. Yet, have Kelly and Matt grown even closer since Kimberly’s departure?

Kelly Mends Matt’s Broken Heart On I Love A Mama’s Boy?

Last season, Matt seemed to be on a great path with his fiancee, Kimberly Cobb. Sadly, their apartment was damaged in a fire so they went to live with his parents. Luckily, said parents were also helping them to build their dream home. Matt and Kim were also in the process of planning their wedding. His mother Kelly was more than happy to put in her two cents. She revealed that she not only wanted to read a poem but thought it might be fun to officiate it. Literally, everything that went on in their lives, Matt ran by his mama. Finally, Kim was offered a great job but it meant relocation.


Of course, Matt deemed her selfish but he also said he was not leaving his mother so she thought about it and went without him. It was a whole new world for Kimberly and she realized how stifled she had been. She realized maybe it was best for the relationship to end and Matt could sense something was up. So, he planned a trip to see her but he brought the one person who was the crux of all of their problems, his mom. Kimberly ended it but it apparently left Kelly brokenhearted. Now, the dynamic duo is back but the flip side is they get to talk about what happened after Kim ended it. It appears the breakup may have actually helped the mother/son relationship all around.

Too Close For Comfort?

In a TLC clip for the upcoming season, Matt and his mother share how life has been since the breakup with Kimberly. They were engaged for almost a year and the home was almost completed. He now realizes that the two were not a match but it was still sad after being together for four years, engaged for one. Matt claims that Kimberly just did not accept his mother the way he does. Kelly is “110% invested” in Matt’s world and she is his best friend. They live twenty feet from one another and are now even closer than they ever were.


Kelly claims the breakup was like a divorce and that it affected everyone. She says they are “mending together” and that she will do anything to make him feel better. Kelly is actually checking in on her son post-shower so he is literally in his undies while they are having a conversation. It’s disturbing. In any case, the adventures continue Sunday on Season 3 of I Love A Mama’s Boy on TLC. Will you be watching?

Amanda Lauren


  1. Kelly needs to see a psychiatrist. She has ruined Matt’s life. Does Kelly ever have sex with her husband, or is he just an ornament in the family?

    1. I think that most extreme narcissists can’t conceive there is something wrong with them so she’d never get therapy. The only one who might benefit is Matt but it doesn’t seem like he has a clue, either. I think she is the most detrimental mother so far because for one thing, she delights in and is proud of being devious, selfish and manipulative. I think the second worst has been Shakeeb’s mom but at least she is trying to find him a mate and I can’t blame her for not liking Emily after what she has shown of herself on TV. Both of those mothers are married, yet the others who don’t seem as bad are not which might explain why they are so clingy. I bet Kelly is verbally very nasty to her husband. Wouldn’t blame him if he had a girlfriend on the side-ha. Must be hard for him to see his son being ruined by her and his son going along with it.

  2. It is horrible that these mothers (Matt’s and Shekeeb’s especially) are doing to their sons. They are preventing them from a real life with a woman that will love them in a normal way. It is just wrong to want to own your son.
    It was humiliating when Shekeeb’s mother held on to him saying don’t go don’t go. And saying she owns him. The son’s have been programed for years and years and think that their mother’s are showing love. IT IS NOT LOVE its obsession. I have son’s and when they were dating and fell in love and married I was happy for them. That doesn’t mean I loved everything the wives did or always always made me happy but I kept it to myself and let my son’s work things out with the woman they choose. Let them go and let them have a life. They are so afraid to disappoint their mothers and are filled with guilt feeling they have to choose between mama and future wife. Even the bible says to leave your family and cleave to your wife. I don’t think I can watch the program any more because it is too disturbing.

  3. Mothers who act like this are definitely lacking something in their lives or marriages. A normal loving mother would want her son to be with someone who lived them. I could never be that selfish to not allow one of my children to have their own happiness

  4. I agree! Those moths are terrible. Shekeeb. Needs to find someone else. Emily is a gold digger. I have to say though, the new set of mother and sons are even worse,especially, the son that is touchy-feely and says his mom is sexy! I would dump him so fast. They are way worse than Kelly and the other couple from last season. The fat mom who wanted to dance a sexy dance at his son’s wedding with him.

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