‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Kimberly Shares Her Breaking Point With Matt


Season 3 of I Love A Mama’s Boy premieres Sunday, June 19th. Matt McAdam and his mother Kelly are returning for another round. His ex-fiancee Kimberly Cobb has confirmed she will not be back. Now she is sharing what her true breaking point in the relationship was.

Kimberly Says I Don’t Love A Mama’s Boy

During Season 2, Kimberly realized just how incompatible she and Matt truly were. Their apartment had a fire so they were forced to go live with his parents. Luckily, they were also in the process of building their own home but with the help of his family. It felt as though every house decision they were making went through his mother. Kim started to wonder whose home it actually was. When it came to planning the wedding, Kelly inserted herself everywhere. She not only wanted to recite a poem but also officiate it, as well. Kim realized that she was overstepping but Matt would not stop her. There were no boundaries being set and the mother/son duo were thick as thieves.


Soon, Kim was offered a job position she just could not resist but Matt was not about to leave his mother. Kimberly went anyway and realized how much better she was off when she was away from both of them. Matt could sense that something was changing so he decided to fly out and see Kimberly. However, he brought his appendage along and that truly solidified the end of the relationship. Kimberly knew that she had to end it but Matt claimed his mother was even more devastated. Now, they are back with his new girlfriend who has to deal with this super close relationship. So, what does Kimberly have to say?

The End Of An Era

Over the past day, Kimberly has done an ‘ask me anything’ segment on her Instagram stories. One follower wanted to know if she was asked back to the show. She says that yes, she was but she declined. Previously, she shared she had decided to move on from that part of her life. Yet she was very grateful for all of the love and support that she had received along the way. As aforementioned, Matt has a new girlfriend named Brittany who will join this season. Kim is currently unsure if she will watch this season but does want to see what stories will come up about her.


One follower asked a vital question. They wanted to know what was the straw that really broke the camel’s back and made her end the relationship. Firstly, it was the lack of support, respect, and honesty. However, the real “nail in the coffin” was being cursed out in public. That sounds extremely rude and berating. Finally, she did add that the swan faucet did not help. Hopefully, she is thriving and living her best life. All signs point to “yes” on that front and she made the best decision not to return this season.


Will you miss Kimberly? Let us know and watch the season premiere of I Love A Mama’s Boy Sunday on TLC.

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  1. soo glad to hear Kim has moved on,Im sure there is something much better in her future.Matt & his mom are pathetic,Matt fo allowing his mom soo much control & his mom for all of her over the top antics,she needs mental help,its NOT normal..Enjoy ur new life Kim….

    1. Agree. Matt will never have a long term relationship until he puts physical distance between him and his devious mother.

    2. I wonder why Matt’s father has no control over his wife. He should have stepped in years ago…..she is mean and controlling……and I am glad the other lady moved away. Matt is a true mama’s boy….

  2. I’m glad she left him. She deserves better. The relationship between Matt and his mother is completely unhealthy. I don’t know how anybody will put up with that. He’s going to end up being alone.

  3. Lol Kim honey, you were a trooper! I can not believe a “grown man” would allow his mother to pacify every second of his life. Its weird and extremely unhealthy. Kelly has an obsession with him that is disturbing. Her poor husband probably threw his hands up years ago! She’s a bully. She uses her power to intimidate these girls Matt brings home bc she’s jealous! They need Dr. PHIL!

    1. That family is SICKO! How rude of his mother throwing her weight and money around to keep control of that hideous, gay son of hers and the dad is a wimp! What did it for me was the Valentine’s day gift for Kin, but bought that creepy looking mother one exactly like it! Grose!

  4. Matt suffers from guilt due to the manipulation of his mother for many years. It appears her husband is emotionally unavailable so Kelly looks to Matt as a surrogate husband. He goes off and plays golf and leaves his wife alone so Kelly looks to Matt for the emotional support and companionship she does not get from her husband. However, she is a grown woman, and she knows that this is unhealthy for Matt. However, the need for emotional intimacy is so great that she can’t control herself because she needs to fill that void of loneliness in herself. She needs to put her big girl pants on, let her son have his own life, and maybe join some ladies from bridge and bingo! Kelly, get a life!

  5. Matt should give up on marriage. He needs to get used to sleeping alone. I don’t think there is any woman that will put up with that crap from his mom. She will never let him go. Until he realizes that his mom is obsessed with him, he needs to give up on a relationship with any other woman.

  6. Kelly will never let Matt have a relationship… she controls EVERYTHING! Matt is with Britney now and Kelly is stalking her at her work to see if she actually has a job… Who does that? Such a sick relationship!

  7. Congratulations Kim for leaving Matt. Matt should be wearing training pants, because he’s barely out of diapers. His Mother Kelly is a mental case and has a sick obsession with her son. I hope she didn’t molest him as a child, but Matt has mental problems as well. Matt will never have a healthy relationship with a woman until his Mommy passes away. Matt’s Dad is at fault because he let’s this behavior continue in his house.

  8. I truly think Matt might not be straight and that is why he is sabotaging his relationships. I wish he could live an authentic life and stop hurting the women who don’t recognize the narcissist with whom they are trying to have a relationship. He is controlling and tonight, when he said “my Mom doesn’t work in a little dental office”, it was condescending toward Brittney.

    Wish him luck and hope Kelly gets a life – without her son.

  9. Matt grow up & stop this insane relationship with “mommy”. You need to take your training pants off and put on your BIG BOY pants!

  10. R u kidding me? Boy genius was well into the get-together b4 he realized what was going on with Britt & boss and was feeling outrage/ambushed that she had the smarts to do it. He condemns her for doing so, but sees nothing wrong with his pushy, haughty, know-it-all mama inappropriately showing up at his girlfriend’s workplace unannounced to grill her during her work day. Matt & mama think they are something “special “, & they’re right, but not for the reasons they think!😉

    1. Exactly! Matt and Kelly are one of the sickest mother/son relationships ever to be witnessed. All the other mother and son relationships on this show via for top billing as demented and hideously dysfunctional in every way. Kelly apparently has zero friends. Matt has no friends. Father is absent. What a case study for a psychology project on deviance. Title: “Don’t Let This Happen to You.”

  11. Exactly! Matt and Kelly are one of the sickest mother/son relationships ever to be witnessed. All the other mother and son relationships on this show via for top billing as demented and hideously dysfunctional in every way. Kelly apparently has zero friends. Matt has no friends. Father is absent. What a case study for a psychology project on deviance. Title: “Don’t Let This Happen to You.”

  12. Why does his mother, who must work in a “BIG” office, not realize the damage she does? Hell, his fiancé’ ran away to find happiness. His “sleepover” was an embarrassment watching his mother showing her “craziness” stretching her eyes to watch her son, and then tearing a tree out because it was blocking her view. It is pretty sad!

  13. I missed Kim! There really wasn’t any goodies given by Matt and Kelly this time. It was so overdone and disingenuine that I was disinterested with Matt and his family. It was disappointing but I kind of thought the old cast would be included.. not the newer folks. Meh

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