‘DWTS’: Derek Hough Reveals He’s Chosen His Best Man

Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough from Dayley Life, YouTube

Until DWTS Season 32 arrives, fans are hungry for more updates on Derek Hough’s wedding. Last summer, he finally proposed to his long-time girlfriend and fellow dancer, Hayley Erbert.

Many of the details about the wedding are still under wraps. However, the DWTS judge has revealed that he’s chosen his best man.

Who could it possibly be?

Derek Hough is excited to have his best buddy stand by his side

DWTS judge Derek Hough is a pretty popular man. During his time in the professional dance world, he’s had the chance to make many close friends. Picking a wedding party is never easy, but at the end of the day, the choice for “best man” was clear for Derek.

Derek Hough, The Kelly Clarkson Show, NBC
The Kelly Clarkson Show/NBC

Seasoned DWTS fans know that Derek has been in the wedding parties for multiple pro dancers. The judge hasn’t revealed his full list of groomsmen, but it wouldn’t shock many if familiar DWTS faces make the list.

DWTS Season 31 champion Mark Ballas asked Derek to be the best man in his own wedding. So what role will Mark play in his friend’s own ceremony?

Derek Hough, Shawn Johnson, and Mark Ballas from DWTS, ABC
Dancing With The Stars/ABC

Ultimately, it seems like Derek couldn’t imagine his wedding without Mark. He decided to reciprocate and invite Mark to stand up next to him during the special day.

“He’s my best man,” Derek Hough revealed in an interview with Us Weekly. “He’s actually beautiful with words, so I’m sure [his speech will be epic.]”

Mark Ballas broke fans’ hearts when he announced he wouldn’t return to DWTS for Season 32. However, it’s clear that his friendship with judge Derek Hough will continue for the rest of their lives.

Mark and Derek’s friendship goes back decades. Check out this fun video that PEOPLE put out of the pair back in 2009.

The DWTS judge reveals he’s very hands-on with the planning process

No wedding day is complete without a beautiful place to hold the ceremony. So where will Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert finally tie the knot?

“For me, nature is one of the must-haves. I think being in the green [and] in the lush forest and gardens and fields [was] like top of the list,” Derek told Us Weekly. “And once we found that, now we’re sort of, [like], ’OK, do we want a live band or a DJ?’ [and] ‘What’s the color scheme?’ I, honestly, I was like, ‘Wow, there’s a lot that goes into this.’”

He went on to say that, unlike other grooms, he’s pretty involved in the wedding planning process. He credits it all to his creative personality.

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