‘Gold Rush’ Rick Ness Single Again Heading Into Season

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Rick Ness has put out calls to hire people to work on his crew as he prepares to return to the gold mining industry this upcoming season. This will likely lead to him returning to Gold Rush as the filming should be starting soon.

However, he probably won’t be bringing his girlfriend with him this time around. Leese M. Arie has seemingly announced that the two have split up yet again. Here is what we know.

Gold Rush Rick Ness single again

In news that can’t be much of a surprise to anyone, it looks like Gold Rush star Rick Ness is single once again. This has been a roller coaster ride for Rick and his one-time fiancee Leese M. Arie.  She worked with him on the show the last time he appeared on it. However, things have been up and down since then.

The two broke up and then got back together. Rick then proposed to her and she announced it with a photo online where she was wearing the engagement ring while still standing in the jewelry store. However, just months later, she announced Rick had cheated on her and she broke up with him.

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Despite this news, she ended up getting back together with him around the holidays. While they were no longer engaged, the two were a couple once again. It was even Leese that let people know that Rick was coming back to Gold Rush next season, saying that was the plan. However, it now looks like she won’t be coming back with him.

In an Instagram post, Leese posted a photo of a new car. In the comments, she wrote, “Sooo, I did another thing. This new chapter of being single, beyond happy, and finally finding myself again is making me do exciting and new things. It’s like a fresh start.”

Whether it lasts this time or not is another story.

Rick Ness returning to Gold Rush next season

With or without Leese M. Arie, Rick Ness is looking like he will return to Gold Rush next season. He appeared on one episode this season when his team went looking for him. They found him at home working on his car and not planning to return at all for that season.

Rick Ness ex Instagram

When asked about it, Rick admitted he was suffering from a form of seasonal depression. He also mentioned he hadn’t been to his mother’s house to clean it out since she died and he was struggling to get his feet back under him again.

However, with the new crew being hired, and with the disaster that was Fred Lewis’ season on Gold Rush, there are high hopes that Rick will return next season and help elevate the show once again.

Are you surprised that Rick Ness and Leese M. Arie have broken up again? More so, are you excited to see him back on Gold Rush anyway? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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