‘Gold Rush’ Rick Ness Fiancée Dumps Him, Alleges Cheating

It hasn’t even been a month since Gold Rush star Rick Ness announced his engagement with girlfriend Leese Arie. While the two looked to be a happy couple, there were problems behind closed doors. Specifically, Leese said that Rick cheated on her multiple times in their relationship.

The last time would be the last for her, as Leese announced she had broken off the engagement and dumped Rick once and for all. Here is what Leese had to say about Rick and the end of their relationship.

Rick Ness dumped for cheating

Rick Ness ex fiancee Leese on Gold Rush | YouTube

At the end of October, we reported that Rick Ness was getting married. The engagement was with his girlfriend Leese M Arie. Gold Rush fans saw her for the first time when she showed up last season and helped Rick with some work at his site. Leese also celebrated the engagement with a TikTok video with her new engagement ring.

However, it was also on TikTok where Leese revealed that she and Rick were finished. In her first video, she had the Brett Young song “Like I Loved You” playing. She added some hashtags about cheating and then on the screen had the words “Last time he ever cheats on me again,” as she flipped off the camera.

However, in a second video, things got a little darker for her. She listened to an audio track about going home and then began crying, while covering her face. On the screen this time, she had the words, “It hurts sooo f***ing bad!! I am dead inside!!”

On her Facebook account (via Starcasm), she opened up and answered questions from people asking about what was happening with her and Rick Ness. While a lot of people said they hoped this wasn’t true, Leese said it was, and that Rick had cheated on her multiple times in their relationship, but she kept taking him back. “If only the public really knew exactly who he is. No one would ever believe it,” she wrote. “He’s cheated on me literally countless times our whole relationship. I just can’t do it anymore!!”


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Where is Rick Ness this season on Gold Rush?

Rick Ness has not been on Gold Rush at all this season outside of a quick moment in the second episode. In that episode, a member of Rick’s crew showed up to find out why he wasn’t mining this season. Rick admitted he was suffering from depression issues.

Rick said he needed to get help. He also said he had never returned to his mother’s house since she died, and it was still sitting there waiting for him to deal with it. There are rumors Rick will not be back this season at all on the show, so anyone who wants to see him back at work will have to wait.

Are you surprised that Rick Ness’s relationship ended because of cheating allegations on his part? Do you want to see him back on Gold Rush this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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    1. Fred is painful, but I think too many people have forgotten what the show started out like. The Hoffmans were a shit show and Parker ran off alot of people before he grew up.

      We’ve been so spoiled the last few years.
      And I second the drugs issues with Rick.

    2. Suck it up Buttercup my mom was murdered try that one out! Your lucky to have a great dad to support you’ I had nobody but whiskey but I’m 66 and still alive! 36 yrs my mom was cool I think of her everyday still! She

  1. i agree with the others i think there was a nose candy problem for a few seasons. Look back at his bags an the nose rubbing. I don’t think he an the team made what Discovery said he did,Fudge the numbers for viewers.

  2. Sorry to hear about this Rick. Always enjoy watching your times on Gold Rush. Depression sucks and not a weakness at all. Hope to see you chasing the yellow stuff again really soon!

  3. I hope Rick gets the help he is looking for. Wish him the best hoping he will be back next season. MKL&ML

    1. getting back up can take time we’ve all had are pay cuts caved flooded or frozen in this world , rick will emerge again somewhere. can’t keep a good man down

  4. Depression is not a joke and has to be dealt with in order to survive in life. It freezes you from moving on and if you’ve never had real clinical depression you can’t understand how it affects your life. As far as the druggie girlfriend, all she did was add to the problem of of depression, not help. Her nose candy habit was a weight around Rick’s neck to throw away!

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