‘Gold Rush’ Rick Ness Girlfriend Confirms Relationship Status

Rick Ness and Leese M Arie - YouTube

Gold Rush star Rick Ness and his former fiancee Lesse M. Arie broke up at the end of 2022, but a Rick post earlier this week showed that they might be back together again. Since that time, someone asked Leese about it and she seemed to confirm their relationship status.

Here is what Leese said about Rick and what this means for their future.

Rick Ness back with his ex-girlfriend

Rick Ness and Leese M Arie / YouTube
Rick Ness and Leese M Arie / YouTube

We reported earlier this week that Rick Ness appeared to show he was back with his ex-girlfriend Leese M. Arie. In a post that Rick made on his own page, he wrote, “Happy New Year from Leese and I … while we leave 2022 behind us in the dust, carrying nothing from it with us, except for lessons learned.”

This seemed a bit shocking. It was Leese that broke up with Rick after she said he had cheated on her multiple times. This made some of her fans concerned about the relationship. While her Instagram account is set to private, a Redditor who follows her said that someone asked her about Rick when she posted a photo of them together.

According to the Redditor, Leese responded to the commenter by writing, “One last chance is all I can say.” This is something she previously said would not happen again. This might come as a surprise because Leese said that she was finished with Rick after he wouldn’t remain faithful to her. The split didn’t even last a month before the two ended up back together again.

Why did Leese break up with Rick Ness?

Rick Ness / YouTube
Rick Ness / YouTube

Rick Ness and Leese M. Arie were engaged when she announced she ended their relationship in November. According to Leese in a TikTok video, she said they were finished after she caught him cheating again. She played the song “Like I Loved You” and then added hashtags about cheating to the caption.

On the screen, she added the words, “Last time he ever cheats on me again.” In a second video, she showed herself crying and wrote the words, “It hurts sooo f***ing bad!! I am dead inside!!” She then answered questions on Facebook from fans. She said that Rick had cheated on her multiple times and she kept taking him back.

“If only the public really knew exactly who he is. No one would ever believe it,” she wrote. “He’s cheated on me literally countless times our whole relationship. I just can’t do it anymore!!”

Rick Ness only showed up once this season on Gold Rush, and that was just for him to say he wasn’t coming back to work yet. Rick said he was going through a form of depression known as seasonal affective disorder and needed time to get himself back together again.

Are you surprised that Rick Ness and Leese M. Arie are back together again? Do you think he is going to return to Gold Rush again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. You’re a fool for taking him back. As you said, he cheated on you multiple times and you kept taking him back. Do you not see a pattern here? Why should he change when he knows you’re going to change your mind and give him another chance? Dr. Phil says something to the effect of past behavior is indicative of future behavior.

  2. Rick do you need a driver ? I’ve drove semis since 1982 and commercial after my service ? My number is 219-314-1638

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