‘Gold Rush’ Rick Ness Is Getting Married

Leese Marie and Rick Ness from Gold Rush | Instagram

Rick Ness made his return to Gold Rush in the second episode of the season, but he still hasn’t returned to the mining operations yet. In that episode, he mentioned suffering from depression and wanted to get some help before heading back out.

What a lot of viewers seem to forget is that these episodes were taped months ago and just now air on television. It seems like Rick has possibly turned things around because he is getting married.

Rick Ness of Gold Rush is getting married

Leese Marie and Rick Ness from Gold Rush | Instagram

Rick Ness is getting married. It was his fiance who broke the news when she posted the proposal on her TikTok account. Leese Marie took to TikTok to announce their engagement. In the video, Rick proposed to her at the jewelry store. She showed off her wedding ring, and Rick then showed off his own ring, which was gold with the words “Suck It.”

The post also featured the Chris Stapleton song “Millionaire” playing over the proposal. There were a lot of people who congratulated her in the comments, and she responded to most of the well-wishers.

This did not impress Gold Rush fans on Reddit, many feeling that while Rick Ness is a gold digger, his new fiance is also a gold digger as well. One fan asked who proposes inside a jewelry store, while another mentioned that she could have possibly demanded to choose the engagement ring. “I hate to judge but by looking at her Instagram it’s hard not to,” a third one wrote.


Who is Leese Marie from Gold Rush?

Fans of Gold Rush have seen Leese Marie on the show before. This is because Rick Ness’ love life has been featured on the show from time to time. There is not much information about her childhood, although she was born in 1977, which makes her four years older than Rick. Before she began appearing on Gold Rush, she was a nurse in Wisconsin.

Rick Ness joined Gold Rush in 2012, during the show’s third season. He left Parker Schnabel’s crew and formed his own group after six years. He did very well, and dating rumors arose between him and Karla Ann Charlton, a member of his crew. Rick shut down those rumors when he revealed in 2020 that he had a girlfriend in Leese Marie.

Leese joined the show as a supporting cast member in Season 12. She even began working on his crew when a new hire never showed up. Leese ended up moving to Arizona and now it looks like she and Rick Ness are ready to move to the next stage in their lives.

Are you surprised to hear that Rick Ness is getting married? Are you wanting to see him back at work on Gold Rush this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Rick’s a loser, a wannabe goldminer and a distraction from the other miners’ stories. His gf/wife is only with him because of his “fame”. “Gold Rush” would be a lot better without him and his pathetic, depressing storyline.

  2. Whooo “A view” sounds like he has a grudge against Rick!
    We wish Rick and his fiancé all the best. He deserves much happiness. I do recall her in a season. I really wish them
    We thoroughly enjoy watching the show. Sad that we are Wayyyyy behind in the seasons “Way down under” at 42°below NZ!

  3. I hope RICk can get himself together?? Depression is a difficult thing to dig out from under!! I think his buddies should get together and help him out!! They seemed to be a great bunch of guys when they went with Rick to get gold… however, now it’s time for them to come around and help Rick out of this situation!!! he does take the help from others close to him to help him through this difficult time!! I for one miss him, something fierce on gold rush!! I wish you well, Rick😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️

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