Michael Halterman Limited To Supervised Contact With Glenn & Gage

Michael Halterman - YouTube

In a shocking new 1000-Lb. Sisters update, it is being reported that Michael Halterman is now limited to supervised contact with his sons Glenn and Gage. This surprising custody update comes after fans learned the two have split, Michael filed for divorce, Amy called 911 after he became violent, and Amy filed a protective order against Michael.

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, fans had expressed concerns about Gage and Glenn’s whereabouts as Amy continues to post updates on Instagram that include photos of only herself. Some fans were worried she may have lost the boys to their father. Others, however, suspected Michael had something to do with her not posting the boys anymore because he reportedly doesn’t want them in the reality TV limelight anymore.

Michael and Amy Halterman - YouTube
Michael and Amy Halterman – YouTube

Michael Halterman limited to supervised visits with their sons

According to The Sun, Amy Halterman reportedly filed a protective order against her husband Michael after calling 911 on him because he became concerning violent. The outlet now reports a judge has made an amendment to that protective order so Michael could still see his boys. Per the amendment, Michael Halterman is limited to supervised visits with his sons Gage and Glenn.

Court documents reveal the protective order was amended on the 8th of March allowing Michael to see his sons.

Allowed supervised contact with children, no physical discipline, supervised by mother and sister.

As those who have been following the story know, it was on February 28th that Amy Halterman filed an emergency order of protection, an order to surrender any firearms, and a protective order summons against her husband Michael. This news trailed just behind learning that Amy called 911 after Michael because violent and started throwing things following a heated argument.

Gage Halterman- TLC
Gage Halterman- TLC

Reality TV fractured this couple?

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, fans question whether reality TV destroyed this marriage. Sources speaking to The Sun about the end of this relationship claim Michael is done with reality TV and wants his boys away from the camera. His wife Amy, however, is not happy with that and disagrees with him completely. Allegedly they’ve been in heated arguments over this debate.

Some fans question if TLC gave Michael the “bad guy” edit this season because they knew about the martial drama and wanted to set it up so fans were already team Amy when the couple divorced for the sake of the show.

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How do you feel knowing Michael Halterman can only have supervised visits with his children? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more 1000-Lb. Sisters news.

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  1. Michael never helped Amy all
    That much. Does he work? Never heard anything about him having a job.

  2. Michael seems to be a kind, quite, sweet, Gentleman. He works and always seems to be there for Amy during her stressful times. I think Amy is making a mistake losing him.

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