‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy Halterman In Violent Situation, Calls 911

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Another 1000-Lb. Sisters bombshell has just dropped as it’s been confirmed that Amy Halterman called 911 after being placed in an emergent situation where she feared for the safety of herself and her two sons Gage and Glenn. Per a report from The Sun, dispatch records confirm Amy Halterman called 911 to report her husband Michael has become violent and unhinged.

Now, this news comes as a bit of a shock to fans as it was Michael (NOT Amy) who filed the paperwork for a divorce. Confirmation that Michael was the one who filed for divorce leaked about a month after rumors started to swirl that there was trouble in paradise for this TLC couple.

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Amy Halterman calls 911 on husband Michael

On February 24th, a little over two weeks after Michael officially filed for divorce from Amy, the cops were called to their home in Kentucky. Per a report from the officers who arrived on the scene, Amy called 911 because her husband Michael started “throwing things” during a heated argument. The report confirms Gage and Glenn were also in the home at the time when the incident occurred.

The report goes on confirm neither drugs nor alcohol is believed to have been a factor in the incident. Moreover, no one was arrested and nothing seemingly came from the incident other than a cop coming out to diffuse the situation.

In the report from the responding officer, Amy, and Michael Halterman got into an explosive argument that resulted in the need for 911 to be called because she wanted to separate and he did not.

Amy Slaton Halterman and Michael

Now, fans are still struggling to piece together the deals as original reports do claim it was Amy Halterman who first wanted to split from Michael. The claims stated she left the home and took the boys with her. Then, news broke it was Michael who actually filed for divorce. Fans are not learning that this explosive argument happened just 17 days before Michael filed the divorce paperwork. And, this explosive fight was allegedly because he did NOT want to separate from Amy. So, fans are understandably baffled by the situation.

Are you surprised to learn about this side of Michael? Can you picture him becoming so violent and unhinged that Amy would feel the need to call 911 on him? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on 1000-Lb. Sisters.

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