‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Flaunts Some Skin In Sexy Pic

Tammy Slaton | Youtube

Tammy Slaton has lost a lot of weight and she has the photos to prove it! The confident TLC star took to her Instagram to show a little skin in some new photos. Keep reading for all the details.

Tammy Slaton shows some skin

Fans of 1,000-Lb Sisters have been watching Tammy for years now as she struggles with her weight. However, after almost dying, she finally started taking things more seriously. She was not only able to lose weight but even qualified and received weight loss surgery. Since then, she’s gotten married and continued updating fans on her life as she gets thinner and thinner.

Tammy Slaton | Instagram

Now, she has taken to Instagram to show off a little bit of skin! Tammy actually shared several photos within the post, however, a few of them are really standing out. In the photos, Tammy is rocking a black top. However, the strap of the top is falling down her shoulder, giving viewers a glimpse of her cleavage. The fallen strap left her with a bare shoulder as she poses for the camera.

In addition to showing a little extra skin, Tammy is also sharing a bit of seductive sass in the photo as well. The TLC star is staring at the camera as her curls hang loosely around her face. She has her lips lightly parted and it looks like she even has a bit of makeup on, making her look even better.

Tammy Slaton | Instagram

What do the fans think?

Of course, there are always going to be haters on Tammy’s posts, especially as more and more people start watching her show. However, she does have the support of some very loyal fans in her comments section.

  • “Tammy. The more weight the prettier you have become. Keep up the fantastic job”
  • “Beautiful girl😍so proud of you. You put in the work. You didn’t give up and it is really paying off. Wishing you a happy, long life full of good health and many blessings ❤️”
  • “You look so good, Tammy! 🔥❤️ keep up the hard work! And keep thriving!”
  • “Looking good Tammy keep it up!”

Aside from her family supporting her, it seems like Tammy really does have a great group of people behind her, supporting her every step of the way!

What do you think of Tammy Slaton’s new, skinnier, appearance? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite TLC and reality TV stars!

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