‘1000-Lb. Sisters:’ Michael Halterman Files For Divorce

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Another 1000-Lb. Sisters bombshell has dropped as it has been confirmed that Michael Halterman officially filed for divorce from his wife Amy. As Tv Shows Ace has previously supported, news broke about a month ago that Amy Halterman had split from her husband Michael, and as planning to divorce him. The report at the time claimed that she packed up the kids and moved in with her sister Tammy. Now, it is being reported that Michael beat Amy to the punch and filed the official paperwork for divorce about a week ago.

Michael Halterman files for divorce from Amy

According to The Sun, court documents in the state of Kentucky confirm that Michael Halterman filed for divorce from Amy about a week ago. Speaking to the outlet, a source close to the family reveals that Amy and Michael have been having secretive arguments for weeks. Unfortunately, most of the tension in their marriage involves their sons Gage and Glenn.

Per the source, Michael Halterman is ready to be finished with reality TV. More specifically, he doesn’t want his sons to be on television anymore. The source goes on to claim that Amy Halterman does NOT feel the same way. She has no issues with her sons being on television and they have spent a lot of time fighting about this.

Michael Halterman and Gage Halterman from Instagram

This mixed in with the fact that Amy feels frustrated by her “lazy” husband not helping her enough with the children and Michael feeling like he doesn’t get enough attention has created an uncomfortable situation.

Unable to come to an agreement on how to move forward with being on reality TV and how to handle their family, Michael has officially filed for divorce.

Amy Halterman, Michael Halterman, and Gage Halterman from Instagram


Where are their sons right now?

As far as fans know, Glenn and Gage are living with their mother who is living with her sister Tammy. Amanda Halterman has been stepping in to help take care of the boys. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans have serious doubts as to whether Amy can take the children from Michael completely as she’s legally blind in one eye and can’t drive. Likewise, fans also believe she has been gaining weight as of late as well.

Amy Halterman - Gage Youtube

Unfortunately, there are a lot of details available regarding the end of their marriage. Just that court documents out of the state of Kentucky confirm this marriage is over.

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  1. ::::yawn:::: color me unsurprised. this was never gonna work out, just like tamtam’s stalker is gonna split.

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