Did Amy Halterman Lose Glenn & Gage To Michael Amid Divorce?

Amy Halterman - Michael - YouTube/Instagram

Amy Halterman doesn’t post to Instagram super often, but it has been three weeks since one of her posts included either of her sons. Knowing Michael Halterman filed for divorce (and that he allegedly doesn’t want the children on television anymore) some fans wonder if Amy may have lost her children to Michael. Alternatively, fans wonder if at the very least she’s legally not allowed to post them on Instagram anymore.

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Could she have lost the children to Michael Halterman?

On the current season of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Michael Halterman got the bad guy edit. Fans watched him eating as an overwhelmed Amy struggled to manage two kids only getting help from her sister. On Reddit, fans are quick to point out that when Gage was born it was ALWAYS Michael that was holding him, feeding him, and playing with him in photos and on the show.

Likewise, it was Michael who was struggling to push Tammy Slaton around in her wheelchair. So, some fans question if Michael Halterman really suddenly turned into a man who didn’t care and was too lazy to help. Or, if TLC was giving him the “bad guy” edit to set everyone up for being team Amy for future seasons of the show knowing they were gearing up for a divorce.

Michael Halterman - Amy Halterman Youtube
Michael Halterman – Amy Halterman Youtube

1000-Lb. Sisters fans also point out that Michael Halterman does all of the driving for Amy and the boys because she is legally blind and unable to drive. So, there are a lot of questions regarding how she will handle the boys without his assistance as she can’t even see well enough to take clear photos of them.

Amy halterman - michael halterman Youtube
Amy halterman – michael halterman Youtube

The family has yet to issue statements

Thus far, Amy Halterman (nor anyone else in her family) has issued any public statements regarding her pending divorce from Michael Halterman. As far as fans know, it was initially Amy who wanted to split up with Michael. This reportedly caused a fight that resulted in Amy calling the police because Michael became violent and started throwing things. Reportedly, Amy later filed a protective order against her husband.

Amy Halterman - 1000-lb Sisters - Youtube
Amy Halterman – 1000-lb Sisters – Youtube

At this time, a lot of the 1000-Lb. Sisters reports coming out are speculation and fan theories with a dash of information from court records. Some fans are assuming the family will not speak about Amy’s divorce in the off chance it is intended to be the featured storyline for the next season of the TLC series.

Do you think she could lose her children to Michael? Let us know in the comments down below.

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    1. I am no fan of this show but the ones that I did see Michael to be pushing, pulling, shopping, and waiting on Tammy most of the times they went out. How much more do they expect this man to take? I mean she is overwhelmed with two kids? These two women are not the brightest ducks in the pond so TLC involving themselves in their life was easy and they have an invested monetary interest to keep the news online and now they got the whole family of them. Stuff happens. Now Tammy marries a stalker and the whole family say he sounds like a nice enough guy? He was a stalker!!!! I have never heard of any stalker being a nice guy.. WOW! We know how that is gonna turn out. What makes Amy think that Michael is not under pressure just like her. Two kids in that short a time puts both parents under pressure. TLC is clearly showed prejudice in this very personal matter and they have no right to get involved because it is none of their business. Seems like not one person in this family knows how to make it on their own. Amy was not prepared whatsoever to have two kids. She might have wished for this her whole life but she was poorly prepared for it. Taking your two kids and leaving the house was irresponsible parenting. She wanted the separation? She has two kids who need both their parents and not being raised in a split parent relationship. Stop putting all the blame on Michael. There is plenty of blame that should go to Amy too. She still is not keeping a clean house that I can see among many other things. Something out there called a playpen of which I have never seen her have or use. All moms get overwhelmed. Big deal. TLC plain and simply needs to stop getting involved in other people personal lives.

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