‘Gold Rush’ Fans Fear The End Is Near For Hit Discovery Show

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The recent season of Gold Rush has some fans feeling the end is near for the hit reality TV series. With the absence of one of its bigger stars in Rick Ness and storylines that feel a bit more scripted than usual, fans wonder if the show is on its way out.

Here is a look at this season’s struggles and whether the end might be near for Gold Rush.

Is Gold Rush ending soon?

Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush / YouTube

This season has been tough on Gold Rush fans. The best miners on the show are Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets. However, they are so good that they bring nothing new or dramatic to their stories. Rick Ness is missing in action thanks to depression issues. This leaves Fred Lewis and the Clayton Brothers, who fans are not sold on at all.

This has caused some fans to think the end is near on the show. One Redditor took to the platform to give his thoughts on the disappointing season. In a post titled “The End is near, I’m afraid,” they wrote that the last episode was the “worst I’ve seen in a long time.” They then went on to list their concerns.

They don’t like the Clayton brothers being on the show so much since they hardly do any actual mining. The Beets mine shows almost no mining either since it is set up so cleanly. There is also the fact that Discovery took a completely finished Gold Rush: White Water and took it off the air in the middle of the season. It won’t return to complete the season until the new financial year begins. Finally, bringing in Dave Turin has them convinced his Lost Mines show is finished.

With that said, some fans dismissed some of his concerns. One fan said it was a tough spot for the show with Rick pulling out at the last second. They had to fill in that time but did say it needs to change next season. However, they mentioned it is like Walking Dead – “It’s just making money so why stop regardless of a dip in viewing figures…”

Tony Beets on Gold Rush / YouTube

What is the future of Gold Rush?

That is something that fans should remember. Things might not be going as smoothly and entertaining as fans are used to, but it is still one of the highest-rated franchises on Discovery Channel. One fan posted a link to a site with the audience levels on it and Gold Rush’s 1.4 million viewers is the most on the network. Only Naked and Afraid XL make over 1 million viewers on average.

With that in mind, the word hit last week that Rick Ness will be back next season. That should help out a lot. With Fred Lewis likely finished after this season, bringing Rick back could be a huge boost to the show. There is also the chance that Parker’s new Alaskan claim could get its own spin-off show, so the show seems to be doing just fine.

Are you enjoying Gold Rush this season? If not, what do you think it needs to do to improve in your eyes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I actually enjoy white water more at the moment, so gutted it’s been taken off.
    Rick return will help, I think Fred and his crew should stay in the show

  2. Parker’s new South America prospect holds for an exciting new experience for all of us. He doesn’t seem to what to keep Alaska alive at this point.
    Bringing his big 3 with him is important for success in mining and the show.

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