What Will Dave Turin Do For Parker Schnabel On ‘Gold Rush’?

Dave Turin on Gold Rush / YouTube

Dave Turin is back on Gold Rush and fans are wondering what he has planned for his new relationship with Parker Schnabel. At least one fan thinks that they know what Dave might be doing, and it makes a lot of sense.

Here is a look at Dave coming back to Gold Rush and what it could mean for the series.

Dave Turin coming back to Gold Rush

Dave Turin’s return to Gold Rush was a shock for fans. He is a breakout star from the franchise and he actually had his own spinoff series. However, things went wrong for Dave when it comes to his own operations. That was shown in a preview for Gold Rush.

Dave Turin on Gold Rush / YouTube

Dave spoke to his crew about the operations and said he was going to leave the project and planned to sell it. His crew seemed shocked and asked what this meant for them. Dave then said this was a huge opportunity for his crew because he was going to give them a chance to buy the entire company.

While they seemed unsure, Dave said this was a chance for them to take over and run it their way. The problem realistically lies with the fact Dave couldn’t keep it running. Dave explained that he lost one of his business partners. This caused his crew to wonder if this was something they should invest in and Dave understood. He said they should look into it and make a decision.

However, Dave then returned to Gold Rush and he had something to ask Parker Schnabel about. The idea is that they could work together on something. What that is remained a secret for now.

Dave Turin on Gold Rush / YouTube

What will Dave do with Parker on Gold Rush?

A Redditor came up with a great idea for what Dave Turin might be considering doing with Parker Schnabel. They started out by saying that they read a little bit of history on a website from a surveyor who had done some legal work on the property that Parker is leasing from the Reeves family. This includes an experimental gravel operation that broke down old tailings. They also mined gold there.

When Reeves owned Gold Dredge No. 8, he gave permission to a local minor named Harold Ellingson. This man then operated an experimental gravel extraction mill on an adjoining USMS. The plant also removed gold from old tailings. This gave the Redditor a hint at what could be coming.

Warren on Gold Rush - episode screencap

The Redditor pointed out that Dave used to run a quarry and has plenty of experience doing this exact thing. Dave could be willing to run a gravel operation at Parker’s new Alaskan claim and possibly find more gold while the regular operations are running.

Are you excited to see Dave Turin back on Gold Rush? Furthermore, what do you want to see Dave doing when he returns to the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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