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Rick Ness Planning Return To ‘Gold Rush’ Next Season

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Rick Ness looks like he plans on returning to Gold Rush next season. Fans learned the hard way that Rick wasn’t going to be on the series this season. Rick’s crew also learned it the hard way when they had to actually find him and get him to let them know what was going on.

Here is why it looks like Rick will be back next season and what might be next for the reality TV star.

Rick Ness planning a Gold Rush return

Rick Ness on Gold Rush / YouTube

When this season of Gold Rush started, there was no Rick Ness. Instead, fans saw Parker Schnabel planning to start a new Alaskan operation. Tony Beets continued to operate his successful operation. Fred Lewis tried to build his own site and the Clayton Brothers tried to get their own sites going.

However, Rick Ness was nowhere to be seen until the closing credits hinted he could return in Episode 2. However, he didn’t return. His crew had to find out where he was and then he told them he wasn’t coming back yet. That was the last Gold Rush showed of Rick this season.

However, it looks like his absence will only last one season. In a conversation with a fan on Instagram (posted to Reddit), Rick’s girlfriend Leese M. Arie said that he was coming back to the show next season. More accurately, someone asked if Leese and Rick would be back in Alaska this year and she said “that’s the plan, hun.”

If that means that Rick is coming back to Gold Rush next season, things could really get interesting. If anything, drama will be coming with him.

What has been going on with Rick Ness?

Rick Ness on Gold Rush / YouTube

When asked why he wasn’t coming back to work, Rick told his crew that he was suffering from a form of depression and had sought professional mental help. Rick said when he got back from mining last year, he “crashed hard.” He then said that he suffered from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Seasonal affective disorder is a form of depression that affects people based on seasonal patterns and how they line up with a person’s life or work. There is also the fact that Rick said he had not been to his mother’s house since she died two years ago. He said he still owned the house, but he couldn’t handle dealing with that either.

However, his mental health might not be getting better right now. In November, his fiancee Leese M. Arie dumped him. She said he had cheated on her multiple times and she wouldn’t forgive him again. By January, Leese said she was back together with him, saying she was giving him another chance. Her post said “they” plan to be back this year, so that will make next season of Gold Rush can’t miss television.

Do you want to see Rick Ness back on Gold Rush next season? What do you think his story will look like upon returning? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Rich owes everyone in Alaska he won’t get credit and I know he wouldn’t pay his people, unless daddy fronts him a couple of millions, then there’s equipment, he is best to cut his losses and stay home

  2. hard to believe Brendan wasn’t picked up by a mining crew. Rick may have a new crew because they may be mad at him for his absence. I’ve heard first hand that he’s on drugs. not sads disorder unless sads stands seasonal abusing drugs disord. lol

  3. Rick dumped us, his loyal watchers, I say dump him!!

    Also, stop putting the already dumped miners back on the show, ie.. Hoffmann, Turin, and The Who cares only about themselves!!

    Tired of the wanna be paid by the show because I can’t mine or keep any job!!
    Gong them!!

    1. Exactly!!!!!
      Hoffman’s are so irritating and fake. And Feed is complaining all the time, he hardly worked on Parker’s mine and then tries to operate one. His step son is so disrespectful .
      just bring Rick and Brendon back!!

    1. these people are exactly people, Rick’s still dealing with his mother’s death and you should give him a break. As far the returning people Dave Turin and the Hoffman’s and they have made it out there on their own. Gold mining and it is a gamble every time you dig for pay dirt. SO DON’T be so judgemental, if Rick is using drugs it is probably a means to cope with the pain of losing a parent. Maybe you should try to see the other sides of shit.

  4. hope Rick comes back. who put Dave Turin back on the show? that guy should be fired. Turin, what a loser

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