What Happened To Rick Ness On ‘Gold Rush’?

The new season of Gold Rush started with a major mystery. What happened to Rick Ness? The mystery was so big that the second episode’s title was “Searching for Rick Ness.” However, there is still a mystery about what is really going on.

Here is what the crew found out when they tracked down Rick and what he said was going on in his life.

Where is Rick Ness on Gold Rush?

The season premiere of Gold Rush ended with Zee doing a welfare check on Rick Ness. He knocked on the door. Finally, the door opened, and the episode ended with Zee looking shocked. In the second episode of the new season, Gold Rush showed why Zee was so shocked.

Rick Ness on the new Gold Rush

Rick was at home and he agreed to talk about what was going on with him. Rick looked bad and said he was working on a car, and agreed to go into the garage and talk to Zee. When asked, Rick said he was alright and was “still standing.” Zee seemed really worried and asked why Rick was there and why he wasn’t mining.

Rick said he had been asking himself the same thing and admitted that he just hadn’t been up for it. When asked if it was mental or physical, Rick said when he got back from mining last year, he “crashed hard.” He said normally he works hard at mining and when the season ends, he just comes home and sleeps to catch up. This time, he hasn’t been able to get going again. That is when he admitted to what he thinks is wrong.

What is wrong with Rick on Gold Rush?

Rick Ness told Zee on Gold Rush that doctors think he has seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This is a depression that affects people who have seasonal patterns in their work or lifestyles. It means losing interest in things that a person once enjoyed doing. This was hard for Rick to accept; that depression could limit what he wants to do.

Rick Ness talks to Zee on Gold Rush

He told Zee he didn’t grow up like that, and blaming depression is hard for him to do. That is when Zee hit on something. He asked if the depression started after Rick’s mom died. Rick paused and said he still has her house, and it is the same as it was when she died. He then said he hadn’t been to the house in two years.

Rick then admitted that many people count on him and he knows he can’t just sit in his house and not do anything. Zee told him to get himself right, and when he does that, he can go back up and “kill it.” When Zee left, Rick said he was “getting better,” so Zee said he hopes things will be good. Rick then admitted he needs to go to his mom’s house and face that to see if it will help.

Do you miss Rick Ness on Gold Rush? How is the current season going so far for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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    1. Rick you have to get back out there. you have the best attitude and personality and hard working. get out there and show them those traits prevail.

    2. Ut-Oh he got the gambling fever I know what it is ,I
      myself had it till I don’t so much money I was almost broke ,Then I saw the light
      quit gambling .
      started saving my money now I have more than I ever did .Stop it’s easy just say no go back mining make it back.You were doing great!!!!!

    3. Rick, you are my favorite! We miss you! Listen to some Joel Osteen for some good cleansing. Praying you feel better soon!

    4. and your representing that as Fact?

      One thing that nobody has mentioned and the one thing that I’m actually curious about is the fact that the people that work for him are up there. They are apparently not getting paid, and I have no idea who’s paying for the fuel who’s paying for the food or who’s paying for any of the other operational expenses. let alone is there an insurance policy in effect. nobody addresses that. Don’t you find that odd?

      I have no idea why his people would have shown up without speaking to Rick and without having Rick show up I don’t know why they’re still there, if indeed they still are.

      and watching Fred Lewis is like watching either paint dry or a car crash in slow motion. He’s absolutely worthless he’ll always be worthless. He’s not cut out to be a gold miner. he’d be better off being an EMS medic or something else. but he’s definitely not a gold miner.

      1. Man cut the brother a little slack. He is trying, and at the same time he’s helping out some of our disabled vets. Who the hell are you to be judging anyone slick? What the fuck have you done for anyone? Especially our vetrans ? Probably not a fucking thing.. Until you do , get off of the poor man’s ass.

      2. Why do you say that??Fred Lewis is more like 90% of us that don’t have the money or the talent to be successful starting a new business venture with very little cash. He is struggling and trying to make it. He is the number one guy that I like to watch on the show now that Rick is gone.

    5. Rick do you think this is what you’re mum would of wanted for you get the F of your arse and do what you know you should do. We all love you and have watched you grow ❤️ 💕 give my love to Ruby. Stay strong you got this 👍.

      1. we love Rick and want him back on the show ,We want him to show the others he’s got what it takes to show them up Prayers

    6. yes he is missed very much I used watch it cause it was so I spiring to see how much and how fast he and his team was excelling. As for his health what your going through is perfectly normal, you didn’t give your self time to mourne, so naturally not mining and resting not doing much keeping your brain busy. That’s what needed to happen, but don’t let it control your positive choices in Life. everyone that Loses someone special has gone though it. Everyone is different we are all individuals. But it will pass, God bless you, Lori

    7. he’ll be back. just knows he has a place to mine secured and he can finally breathe after killing it last year. give him a freaking Break..✌️💕🇺🇲🇺🇦

    8. Living in Reno and losing the 6k I had recently won can guarantee it causes depression!! Lost 30k in couple of months playing poker and have nightmares,drugs are bad,gambling is worse!

    9. I think he’s got the racing fever and he really wants to race cars instead of gold mining but what’s sad is it seems like he didn’t even contact his crew and just left them hanging which isn’t good, lol. and with him talking Brennan to leave Parker and work for him, well…… wonder what he thinks of Rick now?

  1. Rick needs to get back after he goes through his mental stuff with mother’s house. The show needs him and I miss him as well because to me he’s an underdog that brings a different mindset to the show. I would love to be part of his team! Pull it together brother “

  2. Yeah of course. Rick has had some rough times to go thru , it’s hard , going through stuff me up f my house an , I understand , he will be back , he has to handle his life at his pace. We all do , do it your way Rick !

  3. We just love ” Parker ” in Gold Rush ! His Wounderfull Grandfather taught us all * Not to give up on your dreams * I listened we are , Parker you are the best and your hurtles will always bring you success. We always feel like we are rite there with you and your crew every time the show comes on . God Bless you all , stay safe , and Find that gold !

  4. I have not been a fan of rick’s since he left parker. I still wish him well because most of us have been in his shoes.

  5. Rick really needs to deal with his issues and get back out there. Rick, you are admired by many. we all care for you and want you to get well soon. please take care of your health first, whether it me mental or physical..

  6. Boohoo,. ya gamble it. loose it. and now u are depressed,and don’t wanna work. wtf loser attitude is that…? got a junkie for a gf. ya. don’t work. just sit in that house till u can’t eat. then beg people to help u get back on your feet. booooooooo!

  7. Rick get off your ass and go to Alaska and get to mining for that Gold. You are dragging down your whole crew and could loose your rights to mine. You could end up a homeless person if you don’t get with
    it Now!!!!!!!

  8. Rick is the Atlas of his life’s goals. His profession is a an rollercoaster. His rollercoaster takes on a-lot of riders
    Expecting a ride of there life. Rick has
    His world can spin out of control as he takes on the burdens of his surroundings
    Life’s a difficult journey . Rick needs to reboot his hard drive a look at his world in a different perspective which will best
    Suit his inner soul.
    I wish you the power of you inner soul to guid you through.

  9. Rick, you and your crew are our favorite crew!! Nothing is better than hard work to get you out of a depression . We’re hoping you can come back soon!!

  10. I watched gold rush because of Rick Ness he works hard he treats his crew and everyone around him so good with respect and cares for them Rick you are missed on and off the show you are the only one on that show who has honesty and believes in doing what is right those close to you and your crew I be praying for you

  11. Hey Rick I know how you are feeling about the loss of your mother, I have also lost my dad two years ago. It’s hard to lose someone you love so much. Snap out of it and get back to the show. I have watched you guys since you come on with Parker and I watched you with your own crew. Your crew misses you and need you. Get back into it please. from the East coast Charlottetown PEI. P.S We all love you Rick

  12. I wish I could work for you rick, I too struggle with life’s problems, pay check to barely pay check, deaths of people close to you, and just life in general. You’ll get through it! I wish you well and God’s speed. Also if I ever had the chance to work with you it would be an honor, I have very similar work ethics, hard, and balls to the wall. if you are hiring please let me know.

  13. Hey Rick i watch the show from Iceland and was realy worryed whe i did not see you in the trailer your team is my team and i wish i could go up there and work with your team so i hope you will be back man stay safe and “RALLY”

  14. f’ck all you f’cks that don’t do mining like as if you know the work day in day out like the Ness., so Bess be cool to the Ness with your scope of things cause the shoes you fill isn’t no where near the gold

  15. Best part of the show. More realistic than the others and made it from a backhoe driver for Parkers grandfather to owning millions of dollars worth of machinery. Best crew to watch, real people.

  16. Ah Rick, you are my favorite, always have been. I really want you back on gold rush, but more than that I want you well. I know how painful your mom’s death was, I’ve been through that too. Take the time you need, but please don’t isolate yourself.
    I’m praying for and the Lord knows all about what’s happening. trust God to lead you. love ya ~Arvella

  17. My opinion may not matter but Rick is the reason why I watch Gold Rush. Get well soon brother and we are waiting for you to return!!!

    1. without Rick we cannot enjoy Gold Rush , we know how he started work under Parker and then how he started his own work with his friend and family… hope we will see him soon in good health without his girlfriend..

  18. Rick, ndont mean to add to the stress that you are under but honestly, a lot of people watch the show to see how well you’re going to do. We’re pulling for you buddy…. Do what you gotta do and come back when er you’re able… hopefully sooner than later. Good luck.

  19. Rick,
    My name is Joe and I am 53 years old. I too am suffering from Clinical Depression, Bi-Polar, and STD… NO, I mean PTSD.. I lost both my parents and my Grandmother, who all passed away in the same house I live in now! My father, who was my Hero, my Best Friend, and my Idol, just passed away in May and I live in his house now… and I can’t/wont change anything I don’t want him to let him down. The mistake I believe was letting the Doctors put me on anti-depression medications, meds for P.T.S.D, and Anti-Anxiety meds. On occasions it makes me feel so much more bogged down, clouded up, and really foggy. I’m really trying hard to get these medications out of my system and hopefully I can get my energy back because I’ve been laying on the couch for Like 9 months and showering not very often. Sleeping all the time and the doctor felt that I was in Dire Need, and could be a danger to myself. He put me on 4 different medications don’t care about myself you know? I don’t I’m not afraid of hurting myself but you’re hurting myself but these medications are totally taking medicare totally taking my depression even deeper so I promise you this, Rick, if you get up, Get back to work, and face the “REAL LIFE”, Then I will as well! It’s something we HAVE to do sooner or later to move on!


    P.S ~ I NEVER believed “Depression” was a medical Problem, I always thought “Depression” was something that they made up as an excuse to basically push their DRUGS. I learned so much more now, like that it isn’t Healthy and I’m half well I’ve got dogs to take care of I’m sorry I’m scared of death I’ve not been able to take care of ANYONE until I can care for MYSELF first!
    So how about it Rick let’s do this together..

  20. I can’t stand him. Terrible work ethic and a prioritizing a drink and good time over everything else. He bad mouthed Parker, I hope he never come back.

  21. They Rick i am a 76 year old veteran of Viet nam. I love watching you do your thing . You need to get off your ass and do it. That’s an order . Do I have to come out there and kick you in the ass , oh maybe I can’t lift my foot up that high, I’ll get a ladder . Love you man . Do it for your mom and an old jarhead. Make it as a memorial to your mom!

  22. I read he gets $25,000 per episode, things must really be bad to walk away from that. Didn’t he buy the mine he was working on last year? If he did, it’s turning out to be a major bad investment. Last year gold was worth more and fuel cost were less, it’s not going to be nearly as profitable if at all they way things stand now. Plus, Everything he has is tied up in the land and equipment and he probably feels trapped. Should he sell it all or wait?

  23. It’s hard to pull yourself out of depression of any kind. Keep your head up Rick. You can beat this. I have faith in you.

  24. I’ve been watching you on gold rush since the beginning you are my favorite. Dude I miss you so much. I don’t even want to watch it without you. all I want is for you to win one over Parker. I like him but Bro come on. first things first get your mind right. we’ve all lost parents and siblings. that’s not how your mother wants you to live. we all get in a funk. Now handle yourself and your affairs and get back to work. so many people would don’t even know love you. I had the pleasure of seeing your mother on the show this is not how she wants her go get it done son to live.I love you Rick Ness like a brother and I have 6 now get that ass up get it done. love you bro

  25. just come back when your are ready big man can’t whate till you do .shows just not as good without your shannanigans

  26. You are a real disappointment to the employees that depended on you!! Belly up to the bar and get your shit together!! Those employees deserve better than you. Most of us have all been through tragedies, but, we learned to live with it and get on with life!!
    I came home from work one day, got a call from the sheriff that my wife and youngest bot were in an accident not 1 mile from the house. When I got there they had cut the top of the car off and had her in a flight for life helicopter to Baylor hospital in Dallas, where she died 1-1/2 hours later. That girl was just 44yo and just 3 days from her 45th birthday. She was the love of my life and still is!! My 11 yo boy was in that car with her, and fortunately survived. I had to make sure that I was there for my 4 children. They depended on me for strength and comfort and we cried and grieved together.
    I get so tired of all this crap about, I’m depressed, or I have PTSD, it’s nothing more than a cop-out!!

  27. I really miss The Ness crew, Rick come back the only reason I watch it is to see if your on this week. I hated the way he was treated by Parker he deserved to hit it big and I know he will if he comes back. every week I get less and less likely to keep watching the show, it’s just not the same,

  28. Rick, you were and are the best on gold rush, get well and come back, it will make millions of people happy.

  29. OK Rick lost my dad to cancer it goes really deep man it’s hard to adjust and to get back on the horse puts you in a don’t give a fuck place getting back on the horse is the best way to go been busy is a great put your mind in a different place gives you a drive to get back and your friends will always be with you take care pal don’t lick yourself away get back to it good look ..steve Debbie .uk

  30. I have the same problem Rick. you know the difference between you and I. I don’t have the luxury to hide. I know it rough. I dredge for a living. probably gone longer than you a year. I feel your pain all so well. I’m the forman for Norfolk dredging. I build beaches and a lot of other things. there’s days I just want to hide in the motel. Because I don’t want to deal with it. I cant. My family needs me. we are your family rick. so get back up there. I would love to come work with you. I’m 46. can run anything you throw at me. cant leave my number on here. here is my email. Get up with me. I can help you make gold [email protected]. much love brother

  31. Rick needs to return to his mine and rock the house and pull more gold then Beets crew even if late start if I was a miner I would like tp wok with \Rick ness he has the right attitude towards his crew and a genuine appreciation for his crew .hurry back Rick ness we miss you get well soon

  32. Missing Rick. I liked rooting for him. I rooted for Parker and watched him get very successful. it was fun watching old grouchy Tony. Have nothing against them two.Wish them continued succes. Rick was so.eone to rooting for to get to the same level as Parker. He’s a good guy with a lot of heart. I’m also mad that White Water has been shelved with no exclamation in the middle of a season. Another fresh group I pulled for to hit it big doing a very dangerous job. I want to see big nuggets sometimes, not always this flack rap. I got an idea for Discovery. Do a show following me drive the west chasing nugget gold.

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