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‘Gold Rush’ Season 13: Premiere Date, Who’s Out, Who’s Back?

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Discovery has released the Gold Rush Season 13 Teaser Trailer. The one-minute video promises that the gold miners are in for a “shock” this upcoming season.

In addition, fans may also be shocked because there are some rumors about a fan favorite not coming back. Are they true?

We have that information, the premiere date, and even the Teaser Trailer video. Are you ready for more gold mining, Discovery style?

You should because Parker Schnabel promises that “Gold miners are in for a shock this year.”

What Does Gold Rush’s Parker Schnabel Have To Say About Season 13?

Discovery has shared some big news on Twitter. This is a big announcement about the upcoming season.

More so, in the first Gold Rush Season 13 Teaser Trailer, Parker Schnabel narrates over some footage of the upcoming season. Firstly, he says that the “world’s all screwed up.”

Next, he shares the woes that the different teams are going through.

Where Is Rick Ness?

What is going on with Team Rally? There has been a lot said about this Gold Rush fan-favorite being missing from the Klondike this season. All we know is that he is “rumored to not be returning.”

Rick Ness has not been on social media in quite some time. What happened? Will we get the whole story, or could Ness make a big comeback?

Rick Ness-Gold Rush-
Rick Ness-Gold Rush-

Tony Beets Dealing With Water Permit Woes

Parker reveals that the Viking, Tony Beets, is “struggling with red tape.” It seems that the water permit issues are still haunting him.

While we don’t have details, long-time fans know that there are some major delays with water permits in the Yukon. Between the high price of gold and the popularity of the Discovery show, there are a lot of miners trying their hand at gold mining.

Hopefully, this will be short-lived, because we don’t want to see Minnie stressed about the weekly tally.

Tony Beets-Gold Rush-
Tony Beets-Gold Rush-

Who Else Is Back For Season 13?

Now that Rick Ness and his team are not back, who are the third and fourth Gold Rush teams?

First, Fred Lewis is back with Team Misfit. However, Parker ominously narrates that although his friend is back, his “lack of experience is gonna hurt him.”

The fourth team is familiar to Gold Rush fans who watched Season 12. They are Brandon and Brady Clayton, the brothers who live next door to Fred.

Christo Doyle Is Back With The Dirt

In addition to Gold Rush Season 13 returning, The Dirt, the Gold Rush aftershow is back. On Wednesday, Christo Doyle went to Twitter to announce by simply stating, “It’s official. The Dirt is back.”

When Is The Premiere Of Gold Rush Season 13?

Finally, Gold Rush Season 13 premieres on Friday, September 30, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery. This is a week later than the Season 12 premiere, although, in previous years, the series generally premiered in October.

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