‘Gold Rush’ Tony Beets Landed In Hot Water After THIS Stunt

‘Gold Rush’ Tony Beets Landed In Hot Water After THIS Stunt [Screenshot | YouTube]

Gold Rush star Tony Beets got into legal trouble for this stunt. On an episode of the hit Discovery series, someone poured gasoline onto a nearby murky pond. Beets allowed the person to do it. That same person set fire to the area and let it create a fire.

Beets stood in front of the fire with a look of approval across his face. However, it’s that same stunt that cost him. He landed into trouble with the Yukon court system. Though mining is hard work and serious work, the miners can make mistakes that can cost the environment and their jobs.

Tony Beets claims it was a “joke gone bad”

The court filings revealed that both Beets and his team violated the Yukon Waters Act. Not only did they dump the gasoline and set the fire, but they also failed to report it. Beets had to pay his share of legal fees. He paid $1,725 in fines for allowing the dumping of gasoline in the pond. Beets wanted to make a statement since it was his last day on the job.

The Gold Rush star admitted that the stunt was his idea. He claimed that it was a “joke gone wrong.” Beets felt he could handle the stunt since he was a team leader. Both he and his company, Tamarack Inc, paid upwards of $31,000 to the Yukon territorial court.

Tony Beets
Tony Beets has a great crew, but disaster strikes a trommel tonight. Pic credit: Discovery

“Since I am the man running the show, I guess I should have been a little bit more and told him not to do it,” Beets admitted. “However, I didn’t do that, so here you are in court, so take the fine. Next time, don’t go there. It’s kind of a joke gone bad, right?”

Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to break the law. Or, you’ll end up paying out of pocket. Beets should’ve found a safer stunt to pull on his last day. Yet, that’s not the only moment on the show that went too far.

The truck crash almost killed Gold Rush crew member

There was another moment that happened that wasn’t a stunt. In Season 9, Episode 18 titled “Make It Rain,” Rick Ness was trying to patch up the freezing mud before the cold temperatures go to it first. Ness got upset with Mother Nature. He screamed, “F*** you, ice!” and brought in another truck. He hoped that would help speed things up.

Unfortunately, the situation was unmanageable. The driver of the vehicle loses control of the truck on the slippery road. His vehicle crashed into another vehicle where the crew member was filming with just a GoPro camera. She holds on for dear life, as the collision crashes into the vehicle that she’s standing on.

Gold Rush, Rick Ness-https://www.instagram.com/p/B9W53EOJdss/
Gold Rush, Rick Ness

She ends up falling to the ground. Thankfully, she walked away with a minor injury. The dangerous crash almost ended her life. This incident was so hard on Ness that he had to end the day early to avoid any other near-death accidents.

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.

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  1. Rick Ness; even though it’s normal to grieve, still have to move forward.
    Action is the best answer to depression.
    Energy flows where attention goes.
    This is a quote from my brothers book.
    Chakra key.

  2. the gold rush whitewater season being halted mid season is a joke. another example of greed taking precedence at the public’s expense. we pay to have certain channels, because we enjoy the programs they air. this is just another way of ripping off the public for the benefit of investors. they may save a few bucks from taxes by making a questionable move. this is setting a precedent for all kinds of shenanigans by the greedy tv big wigs. meanwhile it always comes down to the hardworking people who follow these faithfully that get the smelly end of the deal .this type of b.s. is nothing short of theft.

  3. Miners fisherman tour guides farmers always crying poor just trying to put food in my family’s mouth so they reap and reap and it’s never enough. Record catch today u want the same thing the next day take and take until theirs nothing left. This is their way this is their only way to build wealth reap nature for all it’s worth. I really can’t stand anybody who uses mother nature the earth whatever for profit. I’ve seen quite a few hydrologic leaks on the gold shows transporting 55gallon drums of fuel up the Yukon in a boat? How is that legal as rough as the waters are? What if u capsize would it get reported? Asking criminals to self report their crimes against nature? The farmer surrounded by million dollar columbines tells ya he’s just trying to eat. I’d say it’s too late doesn’t matter where u go all drinking water is contaminated just depends on what u want to test it for thousands of chemicals to test for we only test for a few. they parade their children in front of us and say I’m doing this for them and that’s their answer to the sickness of what they do. If u guide CEO scumbags on hunting and fishing trips bulldoze Alaska for gold take from nature to feed the bank account I’d say u have something to answer for.

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