‘Gold Rush’ Exclusive: Tony Beets Places Big Bets On Eighty Pup

Tony Beets

On Discovery’s Gold Rush tonight, Tony Beets and the Beets’ crew are midway through the season and busy working the Eighty Pup section of Paradise Hill.

In TV Shows Ace exclusive clip, we see that the Hill for the Dutchman and his crew are not exactly “Paradise.”

Despite his competent crew and family behind him, the situation for Tony is always time, money, and available pay to process, and the gold mining gods are not making it easy this season.

This episode sees a broken trommel plate which adds up to 10,000 in lost gold not being processed to repair it.

What happens on Gold Rush for Tony Beets?

Tony Beets says: “We had some decent pay coming out of Eighty Pup no use leaving anything behind; money doesn’t grow, so you might as well pick it up.”

His first move is opening the Eighty Pup cut at Paradise Hill, where he believes he could grind out over a thousand ounces in just four

Tony Beets says: “So here we are Paradise Hill, midway through the season [and] we’ve got a record high temperatures and here is Tony Beets ripping the sh*t out of the permafrost, I mean we go through all of this trouble and spend oodles of money to get to these places… ”

Gold heavyweight Tony Beets is fighting to get off the mat

After gambling millions on his Indian River operation, he was denied a water license and had to give up on his goal of banking 9 000 ounces this year. But Tony is refusing to throw in the towel.

Beets says: “Mike’s got to keep that plant fed, you know, 24 hours a day. That takes an awful lot of f***ing material. Three bank seven eight thousand yards a day through that thing, so that’s pretty much a full-time job. So the rest of the team they better pull up the socks a little bit because otherwise we just quite simply won’t be able to find enough material to keep on going.”

Operator Ruby Mahoney says: “It’s very important that we get all of this out of here now while we still can hopefully we can please the gold mining gods and they’ll just be good to us we can just get this material run through without any major problems.”

Ans operator Brandon Carr has just been promoted to feeding the plant. He says: “This is my second season up here in Yukon.
It is hard being across the country from your family but you gotta do what you gotta do to get by. Tony’s an awesome boss,
put it this way if he likes you, you’re treated awesome long you don’t do no stupid mistakes.”

The clip ends with a costly problem for Tony’s streamlined plant; there is a huge hole discovered in the punch plate of the trommel he has to stop and fix:

Gold Rush airs Friday at 8 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

In addition to watching the series on Discovery, viewers can check out new episodes each week on DiscoveryGO. Additionally, viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #GoldRush.

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