LMN’s Slay Bells Concludes With Lifetime’s ‘Let’s Get Physical’

Used with Lifetime's permission

LMN is celebrating its final 2022 premiere with Lifetime’s Ripped From The Headlines movie Let’s Get Physical. This is produced by Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. Are you ready to spend your New Year’s Eve with some LMN thrillers?

Starring in LMN’s Let’s Get Physical is Jenna Dewan (The Rookie, Superman & Lois), Jennifer Irwin (The Goldbergs, The Exchange), Bradley Stryker (Devil In Ohio, Crawlspace), Michael Consuelos (Riverdale, Dissocia), Barbara Wallace (So Help Me Todd, Time For Us To Come Home For Christmas), Seth Isaac Johnson (Love Amongst The Stars, Firefly Lane), Jilena Cori (Wild Goat Surf, The Good Doctor), Pete Graham (Christmas Class Reunion, The Gift Of Peace), Eliza Norbury (The Mysterious Benedict Society, The Willoughbys), Malaika Jackson (Color My World With Love, A Christmas Proposal), Mar Andersons (Stargate SG-1, Little Women), Mark Kandborg (Under The Banner Of Heaven, Project Blue Book), and Dan Quinn (Nantucket Noel, Taking A Shot At Love).

Margaux Froley (In The Vault, Privileged) and Kelly Fullerton (The Fosters, An Ice Wine Christmas) wrote the script, with Robin Hays (Secrets Of A Gold Digger Killer, Growing Up Gorman) directing.

What Is Lifetime Let’s Get Physical About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Sadie Smith (Dewan) just moved into town and has opened her own fitness studio called Dazzle & Spin. How does she make ends meet? Not with personal training or pilates classes. Instead, she runs an underground prostitution ring.

Her clients are some of the best-known local dignitaries. Could a distressed wife blow her whole operation?

When Can You Watch Let’s Get Physical?

Lifetime’s Let’s Get Physical has its LMN premiere on Saturday, December 31, at 8 p.m., Eastern.

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

Lifetime’s Soccer Mom Madam Stars Jana Kramer

On Saturday, December 31, at 6 p.m., Eastern, on LMN is Soccer Mom Madam. This movie stars Jana Kramer (Steppin’ Into The Holiday, A Welcome Home Christmas), Leah Gibson (Manifest, Batwoman), Matty Finochio (Day Of The Dead, Love Hard), Azriel Dalman (Sweet Carolina, Sweet Tweets), Tanya Jade (Secrets Of A Gold Digger Killer, A Love To Remember), and Taylor Dianne Robinson (Time Helmet, Welcome To The Circle).

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Anna (Kramer) is a woman that needs a money solution. Recently divorced, this single mom needs to pay the bills. However, the only job she can get is with her cousin’s massage parlor called Happy Endings.

After a short time, she starts her own escort service. This is a successful business, making her wildly rich and bringing in top clients. Most of all, her kids have everything they could ever want.

However, her world comes crashing down when the FBI cracks down on one of her high-profile clients on another matter. They were not even looking for this sort of business.

What is Anna going to do next?

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

Secrets Of A Gold Digger Killer Is Final LMN Movie Of 2022

The final LMN movie of the year is Secrets Of A Gold Digger Killer. This Lifetime movie airs on Saturday, December 31, at 10 p.m., Eastern. Secrets Of A Gold Digger Killer stars Julie Benz, Roan Curtis, Georgia Bradner, Eli Gabay, Justine Warrington, Rob LaBelle, Viv Leacock, Laara Sadiq, Patricia Harris, Anthony Timpano, Karen Holness, Beverley Elliott, Wonita Joy, Nicole Anthony, Ardy Ramezani, Zara Alani, Tanya Jade, and Malaika Jackson.

According to the Lifetime synopsis, “Based on a true story, multimillionaire Steven Beard (Eli Gabay), a retired broadcasting executive, who fell hard for Celeste (Julie Benz), an attractive waitress who served him his nightly cocktail at the local country club in Austin, Texas. In 1995, the 70-year-old widow married the mother of teenage daughters and gave Celeste homes, cars, and more jewelry and designer clothes than she could ever wear. But it wasn’t enough for Celeste. After being admitted into a mental health facility for depression, Celeste met and seduced fellow patient Tracey Tarlton (Justine Warrington), convincing her that the only way they could be together would be to murder Steven. Knowing that she stood to inherit millions of dollars upon his death, the depth of Celeste’s lies, and betrayal knew no bounds until the truth was finally revealed by Tracey.”

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