Lifetime Announces Four New Ripped From The Headlines Movies


Lifetime has four new Ripped From The Headlines movies that will premiere at the beginning of 2023. The network has a cornucopia of big names starring in the new quartet of movies. They include Jennifer Grey, Cybill Shepherd, Celinda Sinden, and Jaime King.

Ripped From The Headlines movies are based on true crime stories that you see in your local paper. Some of these stories include human trafficking like Girl In Room 13, or murders, like the horrific The Gabby Petito Story.

Here is what we know about each movie.

Jennifer Grey Stars In Lifetime Movie On Gwen Shamblin

This week, Deadline reported that Lifetime announced that Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing, Grey’s Anatomy) will portray Gwen Shamblin in the Ripped From The Headlines movie Gwen Shamblin: Starving For Salvation. This will air on Saturday, February 4, on Lifetime.

Shamblin, who rose to fame with her Weigh Down Workshop, a Christian-based diet program, and founded the Remnant Fellowship Church. She was a charismatic figure with a carefully curated image who was accused of emotional, psychological and physical abuse and exploitation for the church’s alleged cult-like practices.

Gwen Shamblin was killed in a small plane crash in May 2021. Her husband Joe was the pilot. In addition, their son-in-law, and four other church leaders were on board.

Jennifer Grey, LIfetime-
Jennifer Grey, LIfetime-

Cybill Shepherd Stars In Lifetime’s How To Murder Your Husband

Lifetime also announced another Ripped From The Headlines movie. According to Deadline, Cybill Shepherd (Psych, Moonlighting) and Steve Guttenberg (Three Men And A Baby, Into The Dark) star in How To Murder Your Husband.

This tells the story of romance-thriller novelist Nancy Crampton Brophy. Moreover, many of her books were racy. Often some of her female characters imagined killing their husbands or faking their deaths to escape their husband.

Therefore, everyone was shocked when Nancy was convicted of murdering her husband. What was the evidence that led to her conviction?

Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias Is Follow-Up Movie

Many Lifetime fans know the successful Ripped From The Headlines movie Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret. This premieres on Saturday, January 21, 2023. Celinda Sinden (Reign, The Retreat) stars as Jodi.

This is an update on Jodi, who had been accused of murdering her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, While in jail, awaiting trial, Arias befriended a couple. They become very close, and the new pals are very dedicated to Jodi. Her charms are hard to resist.

However, once one is released, and the reports directly contradict, one pal, Donavan Bering, stops defending her imprisoned pal.

When this occurs, the beast is unleashed. Jodi’s “vengeful side” emerges.

Lifetime’s Sherri Papini: I Kidnapped Myself

Lastly, Jaime King (Hart Of Dixie, The Mistletoe Promise) stars as Sherri Papini. Papini is a wife, and mother of two who went jogging, and was reported missing.

Three weeks later, she managed to escape her kidnappers, who she described as two Hispanic women. Sherri accused this duo of chaining and abusing her.

Eventually, the police discovered that Sherri was not kidnapped. instead, she was hanging out with her ex-boyfriend.

Lastly, this Ripped From The Headlines movie will air on Saturday, January 28, 2023.

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