It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Kicks Off With ‘An Ice Wine Christmas’

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It’s A Wonderful Lifetime is about to start. Kicking off the 2021 holiday movie season is An Ice Wine Christmas. This movie stars Roselyn Sánchez (Fantasy Island, Halfway To Somewhere), Lyriq Bent (The Christmas Bond, Acrimony), Richard Fitzpatrick (Lawless, The Heart of a Champion), Maria del Mar (The Wedding Planners, Blue Murder), and AnnaMaria Demara (Christmas By The Book, Lucifer).

Ready to kick off Christmas movies with some ice wine?

What Is Lifetime’s An Ice Wine Christmas About?

According to The Futon Critic, one of Philadelphia’s top wine sommeliers, Camila (Sánchez) goes home over the holidays. Home is the magical vineyards of Evergreen, NY. Camila isn’t just going home to visit. She is there to take part in the town’s annual Ice Wine Christmas Festival and harvest. However, things are not going as smoothly as they should. Type A Camila has a few things to say!

While there, Camila spends time with her mother Sunny (del Mar), and sister Beth (Demara). Beth manages the local winery for Camila’s former ice wine mentor, Henry (Fitzpatrick). However,  Camila discovers changes are coming as Henry plans to retire, scaling down the Christmas Festival.

Beth also recently hired wine specialist Declan (Bent) who plans to take the operation to full-year production. Believing in the importance of preserving the magic of “Christmas in a bottle,” Camila shares with Declan her passion for Christmas and what an authentic ice wine harvest can bring.


It's A Wonderful Lifetime Schedule-
It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Schedule-

When Can You Watch An Ice Wine Christmas?

Lifetime’s An Ice Wine Christmas premieres on Friday, November 12, at 8 p.m. Eastern. Be sure to check Lifetime’s schedule for future showings.

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime 2021 Promises A Lot Of Fun!

Ready for another season of It’s A Wonderful Lifetime? The network has already promised a Reba McEntire Christmas movie. This movie is called Christmas In Tune. Reba filmed it in Nashville, with Melissa Joan Hart (Dear Christmas) directing. Reba McEntire’s Christmas In Tune premieres on Friday, November 26, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Don’t forget to watch Blending Christmas, which premieres on Sunday, December 12, at 8 p.m. Eastern. This Lifetime Christmas movie stars Haylie Duff, Aaron O’Connell, Beth Broderick, Telma Hopkins, Greg Evigan, and former Brady Bunch actors Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Susan Olsen, Jennifer Elise Cox, and Robbie Rist.
According to The Futon Critic, Emma (Duff) learns that the resort where she used to spend Christmases with her family is being redeveloped. Her boyfriend Liam (O’Connell), hatches a plan to bring her to the resort one last time. To commemorate this experience, he wants to propose.
Liam is not going to do this on his own. He wants both families to be there to celebrate their engagement. Emma is excited when she first realizes what is going on. However, families can be trying. Now, the couple doubts their love. The two families find their common ground and work to reunite the couple.
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