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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Raiven Brown Defends Noah Amid Backlash

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown has come to the defense of her brother-in-law Noah Brown. This happened when fans dragged him online for his latest business venture. While Noah isn’t doing anything different than other celebrities, there are some fans who feel entitled and Raiven is having none of it.

Here is a look at Noah’s latest business venture and why some fans have Raiven fighting mad.

Noah Brown started his own Cameo account

It appears that someone has convinced the Alaskan Bush People cast to join Cameo to make some more money for the family. Bear Brown was the first person to announce he had joined Cameo, and his fans seemed very happy about it. Bear also said that he set his price low, where the site recommended it at $35, and he would later do some free ones for fans in the future.

Noah Brown working on Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

However, when Noah Brown announced he was also creating one, at least one fan thought they were entitled to Noah giving them videos for free. Noah said he had no idea what to charge and he would let the site decide for him. It looks like Cameo decided Noah should charge $40, which is still pretty low for reality TV stars.

For fans who don’t know, Cameo allows fans to pay money to a celebrity, and in return, they get a personalized video made for them and sent to either them or someone as a gift. Noah Brown has already received 15 reviews and he has a perfect 5 stars, which makes it sound like he is delivering some fan-friendly videos.

With that said, one fan said he should do these videos for free for Alaskan Bush People fans. They felt they shouldn’t have to pay him anything for his time. Raiven Brown was the first to chime in. She put the entitled fan in their place.

Raiven Brown on IG

Raiven Brown blasts Alaskan Bush People fan

Raiven Brown is someone who knows how entitled and rude fans can be on social media. She often responds to fans when they act rudely toward her and her family. In this case, she lashed back at the fan who demanded that Noah do this for free.

Raiven Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

“Selling a pen on the road may not be successful yet many stores sell pens. Sometimes it’s where something is coming from that makes a difference,” Raiven responded. She went on to say that people shouldn’t pass judgment on others for having the opportunity Noah does.

The woman didn’t stop.  She said wouldn’t sell a pen at Christmas and would give it away so someone could write Christmas wishes. That caused Raiven to continue on, saying that “a service provided comes at a cost.” It is clear this responder had no idea what Cameo even was. “If you’re not comfortable with the purchase of a cameo don’t make it,” Raiven finished. “No one needs a new iPad or so on for Christmas but it’s cool to get!”

Is Raiven Brown right when it comes to people judging Noah Brown for making Cameo videos for Alaskan Bush People fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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