‘ABP’ Bear Brown Shares Exciting News With Fans

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Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown had some exciting news for his fans today. However, just like the last time Bear said he had a big announcement, this one also seemed a little self-absorbed. Especially with everything going on in his life.

Here is a look at Bear’s big announcement today, and what he is offering his fans.

Bear Brown has exciting news for fans

Bear Brown made a special announcement on Instagram on Friday afternoon. According to Bear, he has joined Cameo. This means that fans can now pay Bear to create personalized messages for either them or their friends as a surprise. The good news is that Bear is not overcharging like some other celebrities are.

Noah and Bear Brown | IG

Bear thanked all his fans for their support and admitted that he wouldn’t have the platform he does now if not for them. Then he said it has joined Cameo and set the service up for the base price that the site suggested. That means that Bear is offering his videos for $35. He also promises 24-hour delivery.

Bear also had a special announcement for fans on top of the $35 Cameo offer. He also said that he will give out some free videos now and again to “give back” to his fans. However, for now, fans can show support by heading over to his Cameo site and taking him up on his offer.

The fact Bear Brown is charging $35 for his Cameos is actually a good deal compared to other reality TV stars. One example of someone who completely overcharges for Cameos is Sister Wives star Kody Brown. He charges $99 for a Cameo message and has a $420 fee for businesses. Meri Brown charges an eye-popping $150. Kody’s estranged wife Christine charges $40

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Bear & Raiven possibly reconciling?

This isn’t the first time that Bear Brown offered exciting news and then failed to deliver. While fans are wondering if Bear and Raiven Brown are getting back together or not, Bear pops in to let fans know they can support him by buying Cameo messages from him.

In November, Bear Brown had a similar “exciting message” for his fans. This was around the time that fans were hearing more about Raiven’s pregnancy difficulties. Plus, the current season was showing Bear planning to build his wife her dream home. However, when the time came to reveal his big announcement, it was news that Bear designed a new t-shirt that fans could buy from him.

This is now the second month in a row that Bear promised a big announcement and ended up asking his fans to pay more money to support him.

Are you excited to hear that Bear Brown is now on Cameo? Do you plan to get one from the Alaskan Bush People star? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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