‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Plans To Spend Christmas With Bear

Bear and Raiven Brown - screencap

Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown revealed she is spending Christmas with Bear. This is sure to come as a shock to fans after she announced last month that she had left him for her own safety.

Here is a look at what Raiven said about Christmas and her family.

Is Raiven Brown getting back with Bear?

Raiven Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

Raiven Brown did a massive question-and-answer session with fans on Instagram. This came after she said she was taking a social media break until her baby was born. That break only lasted a few days before she admitted she wanted to use social media to chronicle the rest of her pregnancy with videos and photos. However, she has now chosen to return in full.

This was clear when she asked fans to ask her anything and she would answer. It was clear from some questions that the fans didn’t pay attention when Raiven first announced that she was leaving Bear. However, that might not matter. While Raiven has shown that she has returned to Texas for the end of her pregnancy, it sounds like she might not be finished with Bear Brown yet.

One question Raiven didn’t post but supplied an answer to seemed to have to do with the breakup. Raiven simply posted, “Lol I’m not explaining anything at this point we are fine over here.” That seemed like an interesting answer because Raiven is the one who told fans she was leaving Bear for her own safety, and now seems past that. However, the two have broken up and got back together multiple times over the years, so nothing is a real surprise anymore.

Someone then asked if she and Bear were excited about the new baby. Raiven responded to that by saying, “Of course!! Can’t wait to see these chunky cheeks. We feel so lucky to be blessed with two boys.”

Raiven Brown IG posts

Raiven spending Christmas with Bear

That led to the big question. One fan who likely knew that the two had separated asked if Raiven Brown and Bear would spend Christmas together with River. Raiven gave a one-word answer, just writing, “Yes.”

Raiven already said after she announced their separation that the two would co-parent the kids. However, that does not really take into account spending a holiday together. This could tie into that, but between Raiven saying they are spending Christmas together and the comment that “we are fine over here” makes it seem like this separation might end up like the last few times Raiven left the Alaskan Bush People star.

Do you think this means Bear Brown and Raiven are working things out? Or, is it just for River’s sake? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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