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‘ABP’ Bear Brown Calls Himself Legend On Day Of Raiven Breakup

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Fans will watch the Alaskan Bush People season finale tonight with a different outlook. The show has focused on Bear Brown and Raiven as they prepare to welcome their second baby into the world. Bear also has big plans for their new home. However, this past week, Raiven announced their separation. That makes Bear’s recent post look very different from what he likely meant.

Here is a look at Bear’s latest post and his broken relationship with his wife Raiven Brown.

Bear Brown makes awkward post on social media

Bear has never shown the most intelligence of the Alaskan Bush People siblings. However, his most recent social media post came at the worst possible time. The video seems harmless on its own. However, the fact it arrived the same day that his wife Raiven announced their separation makes it look very different.

Bear Brown

Raiven just announced in her Instagram Stories that she and Bear have separated. After once again deleting all the photos from Bear from her timeline, she posted on the Stories that she was making this move for her safety and the safety of her children. That does not sound good, considering Bear spent a weekend in jail earlier this year following domestic abuse charges. She also said they would co-parent and she would not comment any further.

However, on the same day that Raiven announced this, Bear Brown took to social media with a new video. On his TikTok account, Bear showed him running and jumping and used the song, “Legends Are Made.” He co-posted it to Instagram but has since deleted it from that site.

While it was just a way to show how extreme Bear Brown is, it was the timing of the post that looked strange. However, on TikTok, there were no comments from Alaskan Bush People fans about the breakup. The closest anyone came was telling him to “keep your head up” and “be the best dad you can be.”


♬ Legends Are Made – Sam Tinnesz

Bear & Raiven’s one-year marriage on Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People chose not to show the wedding, although there were some quick shots of it in the introduction to the season. There was also a deleted clip of Bear almost missing his wedding that played last week. However, the show’s storylines started a few weeks later when Bear Brown moved his wife and son up the mountain.

The problem is there was no home for them to live in yet. He set up a giant tent for them instead. He planned to get the house built, but it hasn’t happened yet and tonight is the finale. The only other big moment was when they announced their pregnancy and the gender reveal.

Bear and Raiven Brown - episode screencap

However, behind the scenes, there was more going on. Bear Brown went to jail for domestic abuse earlier in the year. This was before Raiven’s pregnancy, and the show ignored any signs of trouble between them. That will likely cause fans some shock at the breakup. However, Raiven has been on bed rest until the baby is born, and she likely needs a more secure life than what Alaskan Bush People showed Bear gave her this season.

Are you surprised to hear that Bear Brown and Raiven have already broken up? What do you think about Bear’s recent video after this news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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