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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Drag Bear Brown For Recent Fire Video

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Bear Brown has been posting a lot on social media lately, and it seems he is trying to put up more interesting material. In a recent Instagram post, he showed himself using a bottle of water to put out part of a smoky fire.

However, fans doubted the video’s legitimacy and dragged Bear in the comments, wondering if it was all just a setup for views.

Bear Brown posts video of him ‘fighting a fire’


In the video, Bear Brown was standing in front of a smoky area on the ground. He looked into the camera and said he “had it down to smoldering” and was going to dump some more water on it before letting everyone else know. In the comments, he left some information about what was going on in this video.

Bear Brown | YouTube

Bear claimed that this took place in 2020. This was the forest fire that destroyed much of their home and left many people with massive losses. In the video, the only smoke in sight was the small area on the ground, and the sky was relatively clear in the background. It didn’t look like the aftermath of the massive event.

However, Bear insisted it was, saying it happened two days after the fire. Fans questioned the reality of the situation as he poured a small bottle of water on the smoky ground that once housed fire in that spot. One fan asked if this was a “setup” and said the last thing they would do was pull out a phone to record themselves first. That led to Bear’s wife, Raiven Brown, commenting and saying they are on a reality show, so that is their job.

“Our job is to share the reality,” Raiven claimed. “When something happens and we can we document. And since most people carry their phone on them it’s super easy to press record.”

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Fans drag Alaskan Bush People star after video

One fan questioned this, saying that Noah Brown built a fire truck for the situation. Bear Brown said that the fire was too big for the truck to help. However, Bear using a water bottle seemed to work well. Another mocked Bear, saying that kicking dirt on it would work better than any water. Bear responded he did that tool.

Others were simply mean. One asked, “how stupid can someone be?” Another added that he should have gotten a “gallon jug.” However, with all the insults, other fans were considerate. One asked if the family had come up with a plan if this happens again, and others just sent their well-wishes.

Do you believe the Bear Brown firefighting video is legit? Was this something Bear just shared for social media cred? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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