How ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Dealt With Bear Brown & Raiven

No one expected Alaskan Bush People to start Season 14 as late in time as it did. While many fans expected to see a lot of the lead-in to Bear Brown’s wedding with Raiven, the season only touched on it. Instead, it started officially three weeks later, in February.

Any fan who has followed the Brown family in the news this year knows that is when Bear’s legal problems began. Here is how Alaskan Bush People dealt with those problems in the season premiere.

Alaskan Bush People focuses on Bear & Raiven’s problems

The wedding with Bear and Raiven presided over by Bam Bam Brown was in the show’s opening. However, it was just touched on with a voice-over. This led viewers to where the new season of Alaskan Bush People actually started. That was three weeks after the wedding.

To set up the timeline, Bear Brown and Raiven Adams married on January 16, 2022. Three weeks puts the start of Season 14 in the second week of February. At this time, on the show, Gabe and Bam Bam were working hard to cut down trees to plan to rebuild the ranch and move on with their lives. However, some of the Brown kids were thinking of leaving, including Noah, who wanted to return to Alaska.

Bear Brown in the kitchen

As for Bear, his first major scene showed him talking to his sister Birdie about wanting to move deeper into the mountains but needing to be there for his son. When she said, “and your wife,” he sat there and realized what he had said. That led to Raiven saying that they were having problems because he wanted to make these major changes, but they had a toddler to think of as well.

That is when Bear admitted he has never done good enough, and he really wants to be more like Billy was to him as a dad. It was his sister to remind him he needed to be the best he can, be and not try to be his dad. Just “make your dream happen.”

Bear Brown’s legal problems

Bear and Raiven couldn’t get past their issues easily. This caused them to have an argument that ended up involving the police. Bear went to jail for domestic abuse. However, the two reconciled, when Raiven asked the judge to cancel the no-contact order and he came back home. That is when Raiven ended up getting pregnant with their second child.

Bear and Gabe from Alaskan Bush People

With no early word on when the season would start in the show’s world, it looks like this season will go pretty far into Raiven’s new pregnancy. As for Bear, as long as he stays out of trouble until November, he will have all charges dropped against him. Therefore, the season should push on through at least the start of summer, if not later in their relationship.

How did you like how the Alaskan Bush People season premiere dealt with Bear and Raiven’s problems? Did you enjoy the first episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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