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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Shows Bear Brown’s Wedding Day Mishap

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This week’s episode of Alaskan Bush People was followed by a one-hour special that showed several scenes that didn’t make the regular episodes of the season. One of them showed some scenes from the wedding day with Bear Brown and Raiven.

This included a look at a mishap that happened on the day of Bear’s wedding that almost ruined everything.

Bear Brown almost misses his own wedding

It disappointed most fans that the new season of Alaskan Bush People started after Bear’s wedding. The lead-in to the wedding and the eventual big day was a monumental moment for the Wolf Pack, and viewers at home only got to see a small part of this in the introduction to the season in Episode 1.

Bear Brown wedding day | episode screencap

All that fans saw was a quick few shots from the wedding and the realization that Bam Brown officiated the ceremony. Then, the actual episode with the storylines started a few weeks after the wedding. That left fans wanting to see the wedding and the moments surrounding it, feeling a little left out. However, the special episode of unaired scenes offered a little something for fans.

In this scene, Bear Brown was on his way up the mountain for the wedding. The wedding was way at the top of the mountain, and it took place in January. That meant lots of snow on the roads, and Bear ended up stranded. He wasn’t stuck in the snow, though. He ran out of gas going up the mountain.

Bear Brown with Birdie and Rain | episode screencap

Not only was Bear in danger of missing his own wedding, but he had everything in his truck, including the supplies for the reception and the wedding dress itself. Luckily, Bear didn’t freak out, and he realized almost immediately that he was out of gas. He got Rain and Birdie there with some gas and it was just enough for him to get up the mountain to say, “I do.”

Bear’s story this season on Alaskan Bush People

Instead of footage of the wedding, the new season of Alaskan Bush People was about Bear moving his wife and son up the mountain. Bear plans to build a new house up the mountain. Unlike Gabe, who wants to build his family a house and then move them into it, Bear was a little more direct.

He moved Raiven and River up the mountain before he even picked out where he wanted to build the house. That meant that the three had to live up the mountain without a home. They had their trailer, but it was too small for the three of them. As a result, Bear built a large tent for them to live in. He then needed to get his house built before winter hit.

Bear and Raiven Brown - episode screencap

With Raiven pregnant with their second child, and now on bedrest, fans are hoping he got the house built in time. There is only one episode left this season to see how far he got with his plans.

Have you enjoyed the newest season of Alaskan Bush People? What were some of your favorite moments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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