Bear Brown Totally Stoked Over Recent Milestone

Bear Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

Bear Brown has become a lot more active on social media over the last week. The Alaskan Bush People star has really started to ramp up his posts and even joined a new platform last week. In a new post, he has just celebrated a huge milestone in his life.

The father posted a photo of him and his sister Rain as he announced to Alaskan Bush People fans what just happened in his life.

Bear Brown reaches impressive milestone

Bear Brown posted a photo of him and his little sister Rain smiling at the camera, both giving a big thumbs up. He looked very happy, while Rain looked like he was standing there and forcing her to take part in this. The photo was to celebrate a new milestone in Bear’s social media journey.

Bear Brown - episode screencap

In the caption, Bear wrote, “I just broke 300,000 followers on here! Thank you SO much everybody for following me and all your support over the years! It really means a lot to me, without y’all guys I wouldn’t be anything, but a mook running around in the woods!” He then thanked “Mrs. Exposed,” and said that if it wasn’t for all the “hate and devotion” they put toward him, he wouldn’t have as many followers. Bear thanked both his fans and the “anti-fans/haters.”

Raiven, who many speculated was on the outs with her husband, even responded in the comments, writing, “She spends a lot of time dedicated to our personal life’s. Creepy,” in reference to “Mrs. Exposed.” The “Mrs. Exposed” that Bear mentions was a blogger who posted a lot of anti-Alaskan Bush People content. Last week, Bear thanked his fans for getting her articles stopped.

Bear Brown with Rain from Alaskan Bush People

Bear had another big announcement last week for Alaskan Bush People fans

Last week, right after Raiven Brown deleted most of her Instagram posts and unfollowed Bear Brown on the site, Bear said he had a big announcement to make. The day the announcement came, it had nothing to do with anything about that. Instead, Bear announced he had designed and was going to sell a new t-shirt to Alaskan Bush People fans.

The shirt had an “explosive” design and said Team Extreme on it, and he found a lot of people in the comments willing to pay up and buy the shirt. Bear then had another big announcement just two days later. He had joined TikTok. However, in a non-shocking move, TikTok banned Bear’s first video, which showed him jumping through fire. The site called it a “dangerous stunt.”

With so many kids on TikTok, the site wants to protect them from imitating the people they follow. However, Bear Brown has since begun posting regular video messages to his fans there.

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