Bear Brown Makes Big ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Announcement

Bear Brown - Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

On Friday, Bear Brown made an Instagram post promising that there was something he wanted to tell everyone. He said he would make a special post about it on Saturday. When Saturday rolled around, Bear came through on his promise.

Here is what Bear had to tell Alaskan Bush People fans in his special Instagram posts.

Bear Brown invites fans to join ‘Team Extreme’

Bear Brown took to Instagram on Saturday and offered Alaskan Bush People fans a chance to “be a part of the team.” This team is “Team Extreme” and the way that Bear is offering fans this chance is by selling them shirts that he designed himself. According to Bear, he only has 100 shirts to start with, and he will sell them for $25 each.

Bear Brown on Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

The shirt is black and has the design in a circle in the middle. It has the letters A*C*E at the top and the words Team Extreme at the bottom. While he has no link to sell them, he asked for anyone who is interested in the shirt to leave a comment in that Instagram post. However, he also noted that commenting there does not guarantee a t-shirt, and they will go on sale in a future post. It seems he just wants to know the demand ahead of ordering shirts.

While the fact that Bear Brown wanted to tell his fans something made many have thoughts going in many directions, it was just a promotional post to announce his t-shirt sales. Fans didn’t seem to mind, though. A lot of fans chimed in during the first few hours the post was live to request a chance to buy a shirt. Surprisingly, there was a complete lack of trolls on his post.

Bear Brown Team Extreme shirt

Bear & Raiven preparing for new addition to their family

With Alaskan Bush People skipping Bear Brown’s arrest earlier in the year, the show jumped straight to the pregnancy announcement. Last weekend’s episode had Bear and Raiven make their baby announcement and then had them deliver the gender reveal to mom, Ami Brown. The baby is due in late January 2023.

While the season will end before that, fans will get a chance to see Raiven during her early pregnancy journey. This will be tough since she and Bear just moved further up the mountain and Bear wants to get back to the wild living for his family.

How a pregnant Raiven adapts to this extreme lifestyle should make the second half of the latest season of Alaskan Bush People a fun, and often entertaining, watch.

Are you planning to join Team Extreme and buy an Alaskan Bush People shirt from Bear Brown? What are your thoughts on his design? Let us know in the comments below.

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