‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bear Brown On Special Moment Of Season

Bear Brown on Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

A lot of emotional things have happened on Alaskan Bush People this season. Sadly, Birdie Brown has been involved with most of them. After undergoing surgery to remove two tumors, she went to Alaska with her brother Noah and sister Rain to visit her old home.

While there, the three discovered something very special. Bear Brown has touched on how special this moment really was for him and the entire family.

Alaskan Bush People family finds old treasures

Birdie went with her brother, Noah Brown, to Alaska. Noah was searching for a new home for his wife and children so he could raise them in remote Alaska like he was. His goal was for them to have the same great memories he had of this life. However, Birdie was on the trip for a different reason.

Birdie and Noah find pics in Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

Birdie still hasn’t gotten over losing her dad, Billy Brown. Just over a year since his death, she is trying to find her purpose in the world. She hoped that going back to Alaska could give her some closure, or maybe a hint at what she needed to do. She also got a letter from her mom earlier this season on Alaskan Bush People and Ami asked her not to open it until she was in Alaska.

While searching for a house, Noah, Birdie, and Rain took a side trip. The three went to find their old home. Noah and Birdie grew up there as kids and had vague memories of landmarks (the crooked tree, the stream), and they went searching for their home. What they found was incredible.

The house was gone, but rubble remained. Looking through the rubble, the three found toys, photos, and more, still preserved since they left the home so many years before. When the Brown family left, they took what they could fit into luggage and left the rest. Birdie and Noah found treasure in their old memorabilia.

Bear Brown preparing to make big announcement

When watching the episode, Bear Brown commented on it. “I hope everybody has been enjoying the latest season of Alaskan Bush People! When I heard my siblings found what was left of our old house we lived in, in Haines and found old family photos talk about awesome!”

Bear Brown IG

On top of this big moment, Bear Brown also has his own big announcement coming on Alaskan Bush People. It might even happen this weekend. The show is closing in on two events. One is Bear going to jail for domestic abuse charges and the other is the pregnancy announcement from Raiven.

It looks like the show might skip the legal issues and move straight to the pregnancy announcement based on the promos for the next episode. While some Brown kids are rediscovering their past, Bear is preparing for the future.

Did you enjoy this special moment for the Alaskan Bush People family? Let us know your thoughts on the new season in the comments below.

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  1. Just love this family. I completely understand Birdie being lost without her dad. I cried till I couldn’t cry anymore. Then my mind flooded with great memories. Prayers Bird.

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