Bear Brown & Raiven’s Gender Reveal On ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

This week’s Alaskan Bush People offered fans the gender reveal from Bear Brown and his wife Raiven. This was surprising since this means the show has jumped ahead almost a month from the first few episodes.

Here is how Bear and Raiven revealed the news to mother Ami Brown and what this means for the show.

Bear Brown and Raiven reveal baby’s gender

The new episode of Alaskan Bush People started off with Noah Brown on his journey back to Alaska. However, when the show moved back to Washington, it went straight to Bear Brown and his wife Raiven, as they sat outside their trailer and talked to mother Ami Brown. They had big news for her.

Raiven Brown talking to Ami on Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

Bear and Raiven revealed they were having another baby. This was shocking since the season started at the beginning of February, three weeks after their wedding. The conception was at the end of March, which means the show has flown through multiple months in the first four episodes. It also means the show skipped a very important event in Bear and Raiven’s lives.

However, the show then switched focus and teased viewers with the baby’s gender. When Ami asked if they knew if it was a boy or a girl,. Raiven said they found out, but they would not reveal it to her yet. The episode then played around with the idea until they finally sprung it on viewers at the same time they let Ami know.

Raiven and Bear Brown baby gender reveal

Bear Brown and Raiven went to the second floor of the house with a giant box. Ami stood below them and the couple dropped a batch of blue balloons from the box to reveal they were having a baby boy. Raiven has also recently said the baby will have more than one middle name, just like River does, but has not revealed the name yet.

Alaskan Bush People skips over Bear’s legal problems

The fact Alaskan Bush People jumped all the way to the pregnancy meant that the show saved Bear embarrassment by ignoring his arrest. In February 2022, police arrested Bear on charges of domestic abuse. According to the police reports, Raiven alleged that Bear physically assaulted her. Bear spent the weekend in jail before his release.

A judge issued a no-contact order against Bear, but Raiven asked for it to be released and he returned home. One month later, Raiven ended up pregnant. It usually takes between 14 and 21 weeks to learn the gender of a baby, which means the show has leaped all the way to no earlier than July at this point.

Did you watch this new episode of Alaskan Bush People? What are your thoughts on Bear Brown’s big announcement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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